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Get To Know The All New Dashboard 3.0

After lots of iterations of design, code, and UX, we’re excited to unveil our latest product push: a significant enhancement to the GeoRiot dashboard.

In keeping with our goal of making international affiliate linking simple and user-friendly, we’ve updated our dashboard to better assist you starting from day one. In this complete rework, we focused on making the intricate process of fully leveraging our platform as intuitive as possible by putting essential affiliate linking components at your fingertips. New interactive features include the generous use of tool tips, graphical indicators and an interactive step-by-step guide to help optimize your campaigns and track your own progress as an international affiliate marketing maven.

A dynamic account setup progress tracker helps
new GeoRiot users through the process of building
and publishing links and adding affiliate tracking

For those new to GeoRiot, we’ve made it easier than ever to get up to speed with all GeoRiot has to offer. New users are greeted with a dynamic, eight-step checklist that walks them through the process of building and publishing links, adding affiliate tracking parameters and opening up additional reporting. The update also puts shortcuts to key activities in prominent places (why didn’t we think of this earlier!). Our GeoRiot Recommends suggestions have also been pushed to the front of the dashboard and will help clients with where to focus their efforts by pointing out areas with earning potential.

For clients who are already familiar with GeoRiot, this latest push brings a handful of updates that are sure to please. This includes surfacing the key performance indicators to an account level.  These stickers give insight into your total traffic and lifetime reach, as well as to the percent of clicks that GeoRiot has translated and your account’s potential to capitalize on affiliated clicks.

The Account Performance Report displays snapshots of the performance of your GeoRiot account
The Account Performance Report displays snapshots of the performance of your GeoRiot account

Half way down the new account summary page, the Account Performance Report displays snapshots of the performance of your GeoRiot account. After defining a timeframe from the drop down, an interactive line graph showing clicks and commissions quickly loads with aggregate sums. Additionally, each user’s top performing traffic sources and short links are shown with click totals and easy access to individual Performance Reports.

To the right, Clicks by Country gives you a visual look at where your traffic is coming from. Displayed as either a line graph or bar chart, it indicates, by country, where commissions are being earned, could be earned or are not available.

Finally, each client’s Click Share – GeoRiot’s unique compensation model – is also displayed in an interactive bar chart, giving complete transparency to every client.

With the movement of our website to 3.0, the addition to Performance Reports for links, and now the refresh of our summary page we are building momentum for many more great enhancements to the GeoRiot dashboard.

As always, we greatly value your feedback. Our client’s suggestions and continued support are super important not only to our growth, but to improving our product in ways that make international affiliate marketing easier and more lucrative.

Don’t hesitate to drop us a line to recommend a feature or report, swap stories, or just say “Hi”.


-Team GeoRiot