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Search Links Introduced

We are very excited to announce – GeoRiot users can now build keyword based search links and still leverage all the best match and translation benefits of the GeoRiot service!

Search links are great for anyone who is just getting started with the iTunes Affiliate Program and/or GeoRiot, but also for those who want to move to a simpler solution. Previously customers with search attributes (album, artist, track, …) had two options for implementing GeoRiot. They could build a GeoRiot link around an iTunes search link, or encode based on an iTunes deep link. While using iTunes search links were previously the easiest of these two methods, a little-known fact is that they do not work identically across all devices and even when they do work they often present the user with extraneous search results. Anyone who has been in this business long knows that sending users to the exact item they are looking for without cluttering the results or showing no results, will result in higher sales conversions, so an iTunes search link was not an option for most. Users opting for the deep link, needed to be prepared to refresh their links from time to time, as iTunes changes AppleId’s in their store occasionally, breaking any links containing those id’s entirely.

The new GeoRiot Search Link format offers the easiest way out there to build a link to a song, album, or artist page in the iTunes music store, leaving all the heavy work up to GeoRiot to ensure that the link works internationally, for all devices, is maintenance free, and still sends the user to the most accurate result possible with the correct affiliate encoding. This is simply the easiest way to capitalize on your international iTunes affiliate commissions, from start to finish!

As of today, anyone with a GeoRiot account can start using GeoRiot Search Links for iTunes music-related queries. For those of you who focus on other media types, do not worry, as work is already in progress to expand the new search links to be all-inclusive, so stay tuned!