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New: See Where We Redirect Your Amazon Shoppers

Here at Geniuslink, we have spent years fine-tuning our Amazon link globalization algorithm.  We started working in the global e-commerce space long before it got much attention, but it has always been a passion of ours.  We believe, without a doubt, that a link needs to “just work” for anyone in the world.

Before Monday, our Amazon link translation was a bit of a black box.  You could test links by country, but it was a manual process.  Well, our users spoke, and we have listened.  Now you can drop any Amazon link into the Link Creator, and quickly see exactly how we’ll be handling all of your international traffic.

At Geniuslink, we believe that you as a marketer want to know exactly where your international clicks are routed and that you want to be empowered to make updates any time you see fit.

Our new visualizer for the Link Creator does just that and makes it easy to see your link’s global translations.

Automatic Localization


Simple Link: Automatic Localization

We’ve built our platform so that you can always override our auto-magic link globalization when you know better.  We call this Advanced Targeting.  When you have a better route for a certain country simply click “Advanced” to add a country rule.

See an issue? – While the visualizer is currently in beta, your feedback is essential, so PLEASE let us know when you see opportunities for improvement.  Your input will help us to evolve our algorithms, and continuously improve your bottom line.

You can find the visualizer for Link Creator on the “Links” page of the dashboard when you create or edit an Amazon link.  Learn more about the Link Translation Algorithms that our service is built on as well as details about the new visualizer in our comprehensive Knowledge Base.