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Smart Client Support With GeoRiot

In keeping with our on-going promise to make affiliate linking simple and user-friendly, we’ve built a dynamic new Client Support portal powered by FreshDesk. The new platform brings key tools and resources together under one roof to better assist you. While a more structured approach to our client support won’t change anything about the rock star level of care you’re accustomed to with GeoRiot, it will allow us to better organize your needs and ultimately better serve you.

Now, you can quickly and easily ask for help or browse our support library from any page in your dashboard. Simply click the floating green “Support” tab on the left hand side of any page to open the Help & Support pop-up.

Having trouble with a particular area? Type up a brief description and attach any documents or screenshots to illustrate your problem and help us better understand  issue. Have an idea for a GeoRiot feature you’d like to request? You can send us product feedback using the same ticket process. Simply choose the appropriate category for your request using the drop-down menu at the bottom of the pop-up screen. Don’t have a specific question, but want to read up on a topic? We’ve got you covered. On the left side of the Support pop-up, enter a keyword and search our Knowledge Base to find what’s already been written on a particular topic. Alternatively, you can peruse our entire catalogue of support material by clicking “Browse Help Articles”.

If you don’t know, what you don’t know, browse to and take a look at all of the aspects of what GeoRiot has to offer. Here, we’ve given a permanent home to all of the tools, resources and documentation we’ve created over the past year to help you better utilize and manage your GeoRiot affiliate links. In addition to our FAQ, Glossary, and documentation for using GeoRiot, you’ll find specific information about our services such as creating links and using the iTunes / App Store and Amazon Associates Affiliate programs.

Have an idea for a GeoRiot feature you’d like to request? Be sure to check out our all-new Feature Requests tab where you can browse other GeoRiot user’s ideas, or add one of your own. We are all ears about what you think would make GeoRiot better.

With this new system, it’s even easier to stay up to date with your open requests. Not only will you receive notifications any time something changes your your ticket, you can also check the full history by clicking the “Check Ticket Status” icon on the top-right corner.  Or, simply click the Tickets tab on the main navigation bar.

Client help and support has always been a huge part of our service. Anyone who has ever spent time on Skype, or exchanged emails with a member of our team knows that your success as an affiliate is greatly important to us. We hope that these new features will allow you to better utilize our service and access the information and resources we’ve created for you to aide in this effort. As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated. If you have suggestions or comments or criticisms, drop us a ticket.