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Stereotypes: ‘MTV For The YouTube Generation’

Tell the story of your life through the music that moves you.

We always love to see unique music-related services that integrate with GeoRiot and the iTunes ecosystem. Last week, fellow music enthusiasts and good friends of GeoRiot, Jason Keck and Eric Bogs, released a completely overhauled version of their music experience app Stereotypes.

This latest version of the app is billed as an MTV for the YouTube generation, by letting users upload and introduce videos of their liking. As Keck explained in a recent blog post, “The music you love, you love for a reason; It’s part of the story of your life, and Stereotypes is the stage where you tell that story using the music that moves you.”

The new Stereotypes does just this by putting you front and center in the VJ seat – just like the good old days of music television. The app channels the Total Request Live mentality by letting users introduce a YouTube video of their choice via a short video introduction.

We couldn’t be more stoked for the Stereotypes team for the hard work and innovation that went into the launch. If you haven’t yet downloaded Stereotypes be sure to head to the iTunes now, and if you ever have a unique idea for leveraging GeoRiot, iTunes or Amazon links, be sure to let us know!

See you on the dance floor!