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Swallowing The Cookie: Converting Affiliate Parameters Into The Affiliate Cookie

Last week we began a three-part series taking a look at the behind-the-scenes processes that occur as URLs resolve within an app, and what you, as a developer, can do to ensure both the UX and your commissions are preserved. 

In our final installment, we bring your attention to an uncommon but dirty little devil of an affiliate-related problem we call “Swallowing the Cookie”.  This issue can happen when code has been implemented into an app or SDK to improve the user experience around resolving a link but interferes with correctly setting the affiliate cookie.

By implementing the code that Apple has provided, QA 1629, this issue can easily be avoided. However, if you’re seeing a high number of affiliated clicks, no commissions after waiting for the reporting lag, and have implemented code to keep links from opening in Safari, you could be unknowingly reversing your affiliate-linking efforts: