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The “Other” Amazon Storefronts

Most affiliate marketers in the Amazon ecosystem are familiar with the major Amazon Storefronts

But there are three “other” storefronts that get a whole lot less attention.

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How Tapdaq Uses GeoRiot: iTunes App Store Affiliate Insights


I’m sure you may be asking yourself, “Who are Tapdaq?” So, let’s start by answering that question.

Tapdaq is a community of developers who exchange insights and installs to help each other build better applications and acquire users, for no cost.

Ultimately, we believe developers who build high quality applications should have a fair opportunity to succeed, and from the start, GeoRiot has been helping us to achieve this.

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New To Tradedoubler? This Blog’s For You.

From time to time, we’ll receive a question from a client that highlights a bigger problem or issue. When this happens, we’ll often turn our answer into a blog post in the hopes of better reaching others who may be running into the same question.

Today, we’re looking at the process of navigating the many affiliate programs within the Tradedoubler network.

Those familiar with Tradedoubler, know they manage several iTunes / App Store Affiliate Programs across Europe and Latin America. What you may not know is that there are 39 country-specific programs in total. Thirty-nine? That’s a lot of individual programs to apply for and get set up with.

While we generally encourage signing up for as many affiliate 

programs as possible, Tradedoubler is the exception. This is due to something 

Tradedoubler does called “crossboarders.”

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GeoRiot Affiliate Article In App Marketer

photo 3app mktr preview

Looking for some Monday afternoon reading? Why not download the latest issue of App Marketer Magazine and check out our CEO / Co-Founder Jesse Lakes’ featured article on affiliate linking through the iTunes / App Store affiliate program!

The No Brainer Revenue Model” takes an in-depth look at the affiliate program as a means for which App Developers can develop and nurture an additional revenue stream through their existing marketing channels. In addition to discussing the obvious benefits associated with affiliate linking, Lakes also describes two lesser-known features within the program that add to its overall effectiveness as a marketing tool: tracking / metrics and gaining access to Apple’s library of promotional content.

Head to the App Store now to download your copy of the issue and as a ‘Thank You’, you’ll receive a free 3-month subscription, compliments of the folks at App Marketer! Simply enter code “3monthvip” at checkout.