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Looking Back to the Future: 2014 in Review

 2015 is upon us, and although we don’t have our hoverboards or time traveling DeLoreans, this year is shaping up to be monumental for GeoRiot.  As we move into the new year and approach our 5th birthday this February, we wanted to take a look back at all of the incredible milestones that you helped us achieve in 2014!

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How Tapdaq Uses GeoRiot: iTunes App Store Affiliate Insights


I’m sure you may be asking yourself, “Who are Tapdaq?” So, let’s start by answering that question.

Tapdaq is a community of developers who exchange insights and installs to help each other build better applications and acquire users, for no cost.

Ultimately, we believe developers who build high quality applications should have a fair opportunity to succeed, and from the start, GeoRiot has been helping us to achieve this.

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Be An App Store Superhero (Or Just Dress Like One)

We loved the GeoRiot Superhero illustration that Make App Magazine created for the cover of our affiliate issue so much, that it inspired us to roll out a series of special edition t-shirts for our first trip to SXSW.

How can you get your hands on one of these limited edition bad boys? Simply be on the lookout for one of our friends sporting the shirt during the Interactive portion of SXSW (today through Tuesday). When you spot one, snap a picture and tweet it to @GeoRiotdotcom and include the hashtags #GeoFrag and #SXSW. (Bonus points if you can do this, and tell us what your favorite GeoRiot feature is, in fewer than 140 characters.) After that, all you have to do is make sure you follow us on Twitter so we can DM you and arrange to give you your new favorite article of clothing.

If you still haven’t done so, head to the App Store now to download the issue from Make App!

Happy hunting!

App Store Super Affiliate Jesse LakesMake App Magazine Cover