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The Intelligent Link Landscape [+Infographic]

Following our infographic explaining what an Intelligent Link is (hint: it’s a marketer’s best friend for solving some unique challenges) we wanted to share a bit more about who the players are that provide the smartest URLs in the business.  

The following infographic identifies 26 intelligent link management services broken down by the industries they focus on, the problems they can help solve, and their approximate size.  We’ll go in depth on each of these breakdowns and provide a short bio of each service.    

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What Can You Learn From A Short URL?

Part 1 of Doing Competitive Intelligence Analysis With Short Links. 

short url insights.

You can learn a lot about a company based on the links they use in their marketing. We’ve compiled our favorite hacks and tricks into a two part series exploring some competitive intelligence analysis using short URLs. Now pull up a competitor’s social media feed and let’s walk through some analysis together.