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How Tapdaq Uses GeoRiot: iTunes App Store Affiliate Insights


I’m sure you may be asking yourself, “Who are Tapdaq?” So, let’s start by answering that question.

Tapdaq is a community of developers who exchange insights and installs to help each other build better applications and acquire users, for no cost.

Ultimately, we believe developers who build high quality applications should have a fair opportunity to succeed, and from the start, GeoRiot has been helping us to achieve this.

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Parameter Cheat Sheet for iTunes and App Store Links

As you’re going about the affiliation of your iTunes and App Store links, you may have noticed some parameters at the end of each, similar to the following:

Ever wondered what those are for? Many people do (or don’t) and inadvertently strip off the important ones which can lead to an unfortunate user experience (like trying to buy a game in the iTunes app and getting an error).  For those using the GeoRiot global linking and affiliation service this is never a concern as it’s handled by us, but for those taking on the battle alone, or who are just curious, we put together this little cheat sheet for you.

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2 Billion Clicks… And We’re Just Getting Warmed Up!

Two billion. It’s the number of planets estimated by scientists to be suitable to sustain life. It’s the size of our global population at the turn of the 20th century. The total number of Beatles albums sold in the United States. And now… the number of clicks served by yours truly.

Since crossing the one billion-click mile-marker in May, we’ve nearly doubled our volume just six months later.

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Linking Console Makes Creating and Managing Links Easier Than Ever

We’ve re-engineered our Links page from the ground up to give you better, more organized access to your existing GeoRiot short links, and an updated tool for future links!

When you’ve finished entering your info, click ‘Globalize My Link’ and your link will be instantly added below with all of your affiliate links!
When you’ve finished entering your info, click ‘Globalize My Link’ and your link
will be instantly added below with all of your affiliate links!

To get started, log into your dashboard and head to the all-new Linking Console– your destination for creating, organizing and managing all of your GeoRiot affiliate campaigns. On the left is the new Short Link Creator. Here, you can simply copy / paste an iTunes or Amazon product URL to create a link, or, explore additional functionalities such as adding a tracking tag or grouping your link with your existing links for easier organization down the road. (If you prefer to build your links manually, you can still do so using any of our standard link formats and / or iTunes linking tools – located to the right of the link creator field.)

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The Orchard Guest Blog: Optimizing Your Affiliate Link Placement


Today The Orchard published a blog for guiding music labels, independent artists, and filmmakers in affiliate marketing best practices.

In general, the more creative you are with the placement of your links, the better. However, it’s likely there are places you haven’t thought of that are lucrative potential hosts for your affiliate campaigns such as press releases, ad campaigns and email newsletters. In the blog, we examine the best places for your links based on your needs and goals as a marketer using the affiliate program.

We were ecstatic to work with the team at The Orchard to put together this piece.  Check out the article in its entirety to learn more about leveraging the affiliate programs in your marketing directed at the iTunes Store and Amazon!