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The Drop [Infographic]

The Lifespan of an Online Music Album Release, Measured in Clicks.

There is a lot of hard work that goes into the “drop” of a new album. It is an exciting time for everyone involved in the process, from the record label, to the artist, to the fans.

As a link management platform helping hundreds of music labels and independent musicians around the world, we thought it would be beneficial to take a closer look at the online performance of albums during the time surrounding their “Drop”.

So that’s what we did.

We looked through half a million clicks on links to iTunes albums, and interviewed industry experts to see what we could uncover. With the digital music marketplace as a backdrop, we sought to further understand the relationship between an album’s lifecycle and the marketing behind it. The following infographic is the result of our research…

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56 New iTunes Music Stores


With this push, Apple nearly doubled the amount of iTunes Music Stores in operation, bringing the total number of countries in which the brand now sells music to 119 worldwide.

Within hours of the new stores coming online, GeoRiot was automagically serving links to all 119 music stores.

How will this impact your affiliate links? Your GeoRiot links will continue to provide a seamless user experience for your international traffic and fully support the new stores.

The following iTunes storefronts have new music stores:

Anguilla (AI), Antigua & Barbuda (AG), Armenia (AM), Azerbaijan (AZ), Bahamas (BS), Bahrain (BH), Barbados (BB), Belarus (BY), Belize (BZ), Bermuda (BM), Botswana (BW), British Virgin Islands (VG), Burkina Faso (BF), Cape Verde (CV), Cayman Islands (KY), Dominica (DM), Egypt (EG), Fiji (FJ), Gambia (GM), Ghana (GH), Grenada (GD), Guinea-Bissau (GW), India (IN), Indonesia (ID), Israel (IL), Jordan (JO), Kazakstan (KZ), Kenya (KE), Kyrgyzstan (KG), Lebanon (LB), Mauritius (MU), Micronesi (FM), Mongolia (MN), Mozambique (MZ), Namibia (NA), Nepal (NP), Niger (NE), Nigeria (NG), Oman (OM), Papua New Guinea (PG), Qatar (QA), Republic of Moldova (MD), Russia (RU), Saudi Arabia (SA), South Africa (ZA), St. Kitts & Nevis (KN), Swaziland (SZ), Tajikistan (TJ), Trinidad & Tobago (TT), Turkey (TR), Turkmenistan (TM), Uganda (UG), Ukraine (UA), United Arab Emirates (AE), Uzbekistan (UZ), Zimbabwe (ZW)

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iTunes Pre-Order Affiliation

In the past couple of weeks Apple has made huge strides in supporting pre-orders. What does this mean for affiliate program users? In addition to making pre-order content available in the affiliate tools, pre-order track or album purchases will now result in a commission – even if it’s more than three days until “Street Date.”

Supporting pre-orders has always been important to us (and required some crazy hackery in the past!). We believe artists and labels should be able to leverage the affiliate program for all of their iTunes store offerings. We’re excited about this improvement and the ability to now offer complete support by extending the benefits of our service to include global pre-order links!

Articles Geniuslink News iTunes and App Store News

Article: New iTunes Stores

Today, Apple launched iTunes Music in 12 new countries, Movie in 12 new countries, and Mac App in 32 new countries. The story from HypeBot: Apple Launches iTunes In Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan & 9 More Countries

To see all of the iTunes storefronts and media types sold in each, check out our iTunes countries map.

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Improved Pre-Order Support

Thanks to the genius of our engineering team, we have just rolled out an improved translation algorithm for iTunes Pre-Order music links. You can now create dynamic Pre-Order links that support all international users and are maintenance free even after the album release date!

As anyone in the music industry knows, there are several challenges in linking to iTunes Pre-Order content. Pre-Order links are not supported by the iTunes tools, such as the Link Maker or Search API. Additionally, the album ID of a Pre-Order changes after the release date.

We are excited to continue to provide updates that improve conversion rates and international user experience. Contact us with any questions or for help creating Pre-Order links today!