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How To: Convert Affiliate Banners For An International Audience


You’ll be hard pressed to find someone in the music and tech industries who isn’t taking Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories for a spin today. The long awaited studio album from the mysterious French duo dropped this morning after some much built-up hype and anticipation over the past several months.

We’re digging the group’s shift from the EDM genre they once helped define, toward the soul-infused disco funk sound that’s prevalent throughout RAM. Given Daft Punk’s massive international draw, we’re guessing there are also a lot of happy ears around the world today.

Below we’ve written up step-by-step instructions for use in converting affiliate banners for an international audience using Random Access Memories as an example. Although RAM is available worldwide under the same iTunes ID, it’s a good best practice to use GeoRiot links any time you’re routing traffic to the store to ensure proper affiliation in as many clicks as possible and maximum return on your affiliate linking efforts.