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How To Become A Digital Marketing Superhero

The Story of Bob McRecords

Bob McRecords arrives at his office on the 12th floor of the EarJam record label headquarters Monday morning as usual, still wiping the sleep from his eyes and sipping his first coffee. He had spent the weekend attending shows for one of the label’s biggest artists and was suffering the consequences of back-to-back late nights out. But it’s a big week for EarJam Records, and more specifically for Bob. Their newest musical superstar will be releasing her debut album and, as the digital marketing manager for the label, it’s up to Bob to ensure that it sells. As Bob drains the final sip of his liquid energy, he settles into his chair and prepares for his best marketing effort, ever.

Today, Bob is not just a digital marketer. Today Bob is a superhero in the world of Digital Marketing, saving the damsel in distress from flat record sales, and taking EarJam records into Profit Town – one digital album at a time.  

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Give iTunes Gifts, Make A Little For Yourself!

iTunes Gifting

The iTunes / App Store Affiliate Program announced yesterday that they’ve extended the ability to earn commissions on gift purchases from the iOS 6 iTunes Store (something that was previously only available for desktop iTunes Store).

Still wondering why you should be stoked about this?

Look at it this way: The price point of an iTunes Store gift card ($10 – $100) is significantly higher than your typical item (i.e. Angry Birds for $0.99).  Now, would you rather have 5% of $10, or 5% of $0.99? We thought so.

So can GeoRiot support this?

Answer: Absolutely!

Just take this URL ( and convert it into a GeoRiot link using the “Quick Build” format and making sure you grab your TSID (or just swap out the TSID in the link below with yours).



And what if you want to use GeoRiot with one of the pretty banners that are now available? No problem!

Just take the HTML that you got from LinkShare and swap out the URL in the HREF tag with your GeoRiot link.

E.g. This:

<a href=”″><IMG alt=”Apple iTunes” border=”0″ src=””></a><IMG border=”0″ width=”1″ height=”1″ src=”″>

Goes to this (again, remember to use your TSID):

<a href=”″><IMG alt=”Apple iTunes” border=”0″ src=””></a><IMG border=”0″ width=”1″ height=”1″ src=”″>

Have fun!