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Terms of Usage and Privacy Policy Update – Late 2018

It’s time again to update our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.  As the industry continues to evolve and we push to keep our service on the cutting edge there are additional pieces of information, policies, and functionality we think you should be made aware of.

Today’s updates to the Terms of Service are fairly minor and we’ve listed out the main changes below.  Our updates to the Privacy Policy are a bit more thorough and are primarily rewording and reorganization of sections to help with our Privacy Shield compliance review.  

However, as always, we ask that you too review and are comfortable with who we are and how we operate Geniuslink.  Please don’t ever hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments or feedback.

Thanks for your continued support!

– Jesse & Team Geniuslink

Updates to the Terms of Service

  • In describing the types of information we process when a link is clicked the language the web browser is currently using is included.  This is for our language targeting and reporting.
  • An additional usage rule was included that doesn’t allow bad / offensive / illegal content to be included, via text or images, for use with Choice Pages.  
  • In describing what happens to your links after an account has been closed, or goes delinquent, language was included that allows for the link to be “inflated” into a Choice Page that may include links or ads to other vendors selling the same, similar or related products.  Further, the links these vendors use