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Terms of Usage Update – Fall 2017


Every year or so we update our Terms of Service Usage to ensure it covers all of the cool features and functionality we are working on and give you transparency into how we run the business.  

Please take a look at the updated version and you’ll see the following updates:

  • Support for new plan types and how you can change plans.
  • Changes to monthly invoicing / billing schedule.
  • Support for account credits and how they are used.
  • Clarification around account termination, delinquency and how we keep malicious users off of the service to ensure the domain is always in good standing.
  • Additional information about ensuring that everyone is playing by the rules for the affiliate programs we work with as well as federal guidelines.
  • Removed a duplicate section (d’oh where did that come from?)!
  • Clarification on the reporting we provide to the affiliate programs that we support.

We look forward to any questions/comments and sincerely appreciate your continued support of our service!  

– Team Geniuslink