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The Intelligent Link: Editing

One seemingly simple but key benefit of powering your online marketing through intelligent links is the ability to “edit” links anytime you want.

Editing a Link?

Editing a link simply means changing what takes place when someone clicks on an already existing link. Everything about the link stays the same, but the end destination where someone is sent, along with any other link intelligence like targeting, retargeting, or A/B testing can be added or modified.   


Why is This Important?

There is no shortage of scenarios where being able to update a link can be extremely helpful to an online marketer. By editing a link, you have the ability to change where someone is sent when they click on it long after it has been published. Let’s repeat that because it’s a big deal: anywhere on the web where a link has been published, you can change where the link sends people. This isn’t merely replacing a link somewhere you control a website or social media profile, it’s bigger than that. Something that was previously out of your control can now be edited at will if you’re using intelligent links.

“Something that was previously out of your control can now be edited at will if you’re using intelligent links.”

Consider the implications for this on social media. If you post a tweet and it begins spreading like wildfire throughout the Twitterverse, you no longer have control of the content (including the link) within that tweet. What if you posted the wrong link? What if the end destination for that piece of content changes. What if you want to test a hypothesis? By editing an intelligent link, you have the power to make changes to that link, no matter where it has spread across the web.

Ad campaigns are another scenario where having the ability to edit a link can save some serious headaches. Maybe you’ve created a better landing page and want to update where that link sends people across every channel in one step. Maybe you’re sending people directly to an e-commerce storefront to purchase something and have found that one storefront converts to a sale better than another. Maybe you want to add retargeting pixels to the link so people that click can be added to an audience to directly target in future campaigns. Editing a link across the board in one simple step can save a lot of trouble and wasted marketing dollars.

We make mistakes, we continually optimize, and we’re always learning. Intelligent links bring a whole new level of control into your online marketing, allowing you to take strategic action on your links already published throughout the web.


How Does it Work?

Each platform is slightly different, but all intelligent link management services that offer editing do it in the same fundamental way. Since the link bounces through the intelligent linking service during redirect, you have an opportunity to step in and change things. You may not control the site where the link is published, but you control that link. It’s just a matter of going into your intelligent link management account and making an update.

Editing a link in Geniuslink

Updating a URL

What Services Allow me to Edit Links?

This extremely useful feature is offered by services like BudURL and as always, yours truly, Geniuslink.