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Avoid A False Start With Tradedoubler: The No Relationship Error


From time to time, we receive inquires from our clients using Tradedoubler regarding the Tradedoubler-generated No Relationship error message:

“There is no relationship between this site and the advertiser.”

If you’ve received this message, it’s likely because you’ve prematurely begun serving links using your Tradedoubler parameters.

You wouldn’t be the first person who’s done so, however it’s important you wait until you’ve been accepted into their program to begin serving affiliated links. Doing so before you’ve being approved will result in this dead-end user experience until Tradedoubler approves you.

To quickly and easily verify your TradeDoubler status, head into the TradeDoubler dashboard, click “Advertisers” > “My Programs” > then “Run A Report” and look for the status of each application on the far right hand side.

As always, drop us a line if you have further questions about getting started with Tradedoubler or any of the other affiliate networks.