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These 3 Tips Will Make Getting Started With Amazon Even Easier

As you get started creating your first GeoRiot-supported Amazon Associates campaigns, we wanted to make you aware of a few tools and resources we’ve created for you that will be helpful along the way:

First, be sure to give our Amazon Associates guide a read-through. What’s the affiliate cookie window within Amazon’s program?  What countries are supported? How do commission payouts work? You’ll find the answers to these and all of your burning Amazon-related questions right here.

After that, you’ll no doubt be eager to get going with Amazon, so use our handy-dandy video tutorial to help you do just that! Watch as we take you through the entire process of signing up with the Associates program and getting started in under three minutes.  Then follow the same steps in each of the ten countries with an Associates Program. Be aware, however, that the programs in China, Japan, and India have special requirements, such as requiring a local bank account or address

As you visit each country’s program homepage, you’ll notice it’s written in the native language of that country. Unless you’re fluent in English and French and German and Italian and Japanese and Chinese (and…), try using the Google Chrome browser that enables auto-translation to save you some time.

Finally, log into your GeoRiot account so you can add the new Amazon Associates tracking parameters you’ve just created. From your dashboard, go to the “Affiliate” tab and on the right side select “Add Affiliate Program”.

Thanks to all of you who have reached out to share your feedback for GeoRiot’s Amazon support. It’s hugely beneficial to us as we continue to improve upon and build out this new level of support. If you have additional questions, or could use a little extra help getting started with the Associates program, please don’t hesitate to ping us!