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Three Ways GeoRiot Makes Your Links Stronger

Use GeoRiot to combat geo-fragmentation, gain insightful reporting metrics and localize your links.
Use GeoRiot to combat geo-fragmentation, gain insightful reporting metrics and localize your links.
While affiliation is likely first to mind when you think of the service we provide, there are three core benefits to using GeoRiot, rather than just a single affiliate network or program.
Using GeoRiot to create your affiliate links enables you to leverage the iTunes / App Store Affiliate Programs across the many countries where the program is available, with a single, universal link. On the contrary, using a link from a single affiliate network only allows you to capitalize on commissions from sales in countries managed by that affiliate network. Without GeoRiot, you’re missing out on the commissions you would have earned from sales outside of that affiliate network’s reach.
The GeoRiot dashboard gives you more access to the data and metrics surrounding your traffic than what you’d learn solely through a single affiliate network. Once you’re running links through GeoRiot, our top-notch reporting platform serves up near real-time click trends along with geographic breakdowns and aggregated sales and commission reports that allow you to better understand and optimize your affiliate campaigns to maximize profit.  
A GeoRiot link rebuilds itself with each click so that it’s localized for every user. For traditional media publishers this is an essential piece in providing a good user experience for visitors around the world. Conversely, an affiliate link, directly from one of the affiliate networks, is simply a redirect that initiates the affiliation process. These simple redirects often leave international users looking at an error message when the link doesn’t work with their local store.
In addition to the affiliation, reporting and localization you get from our platform; using GeoRiot also guarantees you access to our rock star customer support, “future proofs” your links from requiring updates, and allows you to build shorter, fully functioning affiliate links.
As you know, we always love hearing from our clients. If you have questions about this, or anything related to your affiliate campaigns, send ‘em our way! You never know, it just may end up being the subject of our next blog.