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TLDR; Our Top 5 Blogs From 2018


We wrote a lot of content this year, (at least 3-4 blogs a month!) so we don’t blame you if you didn’t get a chance to read through all of them – That’s why we’ve decided to pick 5 of our most significant blog articles from this year, and give you a quick rundown for each to catch you up on anything you might’ve missed!

1. Amazon Associates – The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Account Banned

Amazon Associates: The Ultimate Guide

One of the most frustrating challenges for Amazon affiliates is maintaining compliance with Amazon’s Associate program policies, so we put together an in-depth article documenting all the common ways affiliates can find themselves banned. Read this article if you’re still not sure whether you’re fully compliant – it’s always better to be safe than sorry! 

2. The Amazon Associates Guide To Collecting International Commissions

How to get paid from everywhere

Are you sick of waiting months for your foreign currency checks to arrive from overseas? Hate standing in line at the bank? We break down and discuss the various payment methods each Amazon storefront offers, and explain how you can even get your earnings out of storefronts like India and Japan without needing a local bank account! 

3. Choice Pages – Leveling Up Your Affiliate Links

Leveling up your affiliate links: Choice Pages

Choice Pages were initially rolled out around the middle of 2016, and in the following years we’ve made leaps and bounds in improving the overall look and experience of these awesome landing pages. If you’ve never tried our Choice Page feature, we seriously recommend you check them out – it’s a great way to level up your affiliate marketing practices.

4. Introducing The Youtube Link Optimizer

The YouTube Link Optimizer

We’ve been working closely with a ton of YouTube creators over the past couple of years, and one major challenge we’ve learned about was how frustrating it can be to have to update video descriptions with new links after switching to Genius Link. To help solve this problem, we’ve built a handy tool that allows us to quickly and easily convert all the links in your channel automatically. YouTubers are loving it so far, and we hope you do too!

5. Better Click Counts, Purer Data

Better Click Counts, purer data

While this blog technically came out in 2017, the changes we made really went into effect January 2018, so we thought it would still count to include this here! In an effort to radically improve the accuracy of our click reporting, we rolled out a big update to how clicks are recorded, improving our bot and junk click filters and using some clever logic to help identify suspicious click behavior that might otherwise throw off reporting.

2018 has been an awesome year for building new features, sharing new tips and tricks, and growing our community – we hope the content we’ve been able to provide this year has helped you in someway, and look forward to bringing you even more interesting and insightful articles in 2019!