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Top 25 Affiliate Marketing Minds of 2014

Affiliate marketing is celebrating its 20th year anniversary this month and to honor the industry, we at GeoRiot are honoring those that have shaped and continue to shape the industry in some big ways.  The industry has come a long way since the wild west days of the Internet 20 years ago.  We like to think that these 25 game changers have a lot to do with that.

Our team used PeerIndex, Klout Score, and Twitter followers to assemble the top 25 influencers in the industry after sorting through hundreds of profiles.  The talented people that make up the top 25, are truly the best of the best in the affiliate marketing world.

Every person on this list embodies two distinct traits: they are amazing marketers and truly successful social connectors. They are extremely deserving of this recognition and we at GeoRiot are very pleased to be honoring them.

What’s next in the world of affiliate marketing?  We aren’t sure, but we do know that the people below will be helping to bring the advancements and knowledge to the masses using their skills and social reach

Congratulations to all those who made the list! You can follow all of these influencers on Twitter with just one click.

List of the top 25 affiliate marketers

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Of course, our ranking is not the final word on the subject. Who do you believe belongs on the list? Please share your thoughts below.


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1. Murray Newlands:
2. Jeremy Shoemaker:
3. John Chow:
4. Shawn Collins:
5. Missy Ward:
6. Sharon Mitchell:
7. Andrew Girwood:
8. Geno Prussakov:
9. Lynn Terry:
10. Zac Johnson:
11. Dave Salois:
12. Cindy Battye:
13. Ryan Fellman:
14. Kevin McNabb:
15. Eric Nagel:
16. Aprile Parella:
17. Amanda Orson:
18. Andy Rodriguez:
19. Nikhil Parekh:
20. Kurt Schole:
21. James Martell:
22. Tricia Meyer:
23. Vinny O’Hare:
24. Matthew Wood:
25. Kim Rowley: