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Updates to Genius Link Features and Plans

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A little over six months ago, we decided to change our monthly service offering from a single plan in favor of our current three plan model. We wanted to differentiate the offering to better serve our clients’ needs and help expand our service into new areas.

After looking through the usage data for our various features, we recently decided to reallocate what features are offered on which plans. Our goal driving this decision is to put more of the capabilities of intelligent links in the hands of more people who can benefit from them. Keep reading to learn more about the updates we’ve made to each plan.

Each plan is focused on a specific type of user to help them best achieve their goals when using intelligent links powered by Geniuslink.


Specifically built for Amazon, iTunes, and Microsoft Store affiliates looking to create geo-localized links to direct their audience to the easiest store for them to purchase and maximize their commission potential. Geniuslink’s Core plan remains exactly the same as it was before.


Built for the sophisticated affiliate marketer, social media marketer, brand marketer, or all around digital marketing wizard. Genius Link users on the Plus plan now have access to more features than ever. We’ve added two revolutionary linking capabilities to the Plus plan that were previously only available on the Power plan.

User Choice Landing Pages – Don’t know which online storefront your customers want to purchase from? Why not give them the choice? Geniuslink’s User Choice Landing Page lets you easily create a custom landing page that populates when someone clicks one of your links, allowing your customers to choose the purchasing journey best for them.

Split Destinations – Need to test a hypothesis? Optimize landing pages? Split your traffic clicking on a single link to multiple destinations to make the most informed marketing decisions possible.


Geared towards large brands who never waste an opportunity to build their brand equity and provide the best possible online experience for their customers. The Power plan provides large teams with the ability to collaborate through a single Genius Link account, five custom branded short URLs, a dedicated Genius Link account representative, and much more.

Power plan users now have the ability to add any type of custom JavaScript to a link. Use any kind of remarketing pixel or custom JavaScript to get even more out of your clicks!

You can learn more about all of the features available with each Genius Link plan here, and stay tuned because we’ll be bringing even more intelligence to your links in the coming months.



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