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Using Genius Link QR Codes to Bring Your Links Into The Real World

Using Geniuslink QR Codes to bring your links into the real world

Our lead engineer Alfredo Alvarez is also a talented photographer, so when he’s not squashing bugs or building new features, he’s also running his own photography business. When setting up photo-shoots for his customers, Alfredo takes advantage of Genius Link QR codes to create simple and robust paper “links” that make sharing images with his clients a snap.

How do QR codes help?

By printing out links as QR codes, Alfredo is able to physically hand a link to his customers that can be scanned with their phones to quickly access their photos from a Dropbox folder. Since the QR codes are made with links, Alfredo knows he’s sending his customers to the best possible destination no matter where they are or what device they are using at that time too.

Alfredo says that his customers seem to really like the physical QR codes, they’re much more memorable than an email containing a regular link, and they can be easily shared with others by letting them scan the QR code too. There’s no lengthy URL or login information to remember either, just scan the QR code to see your photos!

Since Alfredo can upload the photos to DropBox automatically as he takes them, his clients don’t need to wait until after the session to see how their shots will turn out either. This speeds up turnaround time for shoots and makes working with him super convenient. Additionally, because the QR codes are links, Alfredo can edit the original link whenever he wants without having to generate a whole new code, allowing him to change where the link will go even if he’s already given printed codes to his customers.

If you want to see some of Alfredo’s great work outside Genius Link, be sure to follow him on Instagram!

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What else can Genius Link QR codes be used for?

Using QR codes doesn’t just help Alfredo provide a great customer experience, it’s also a powerful offline-marketing tool that drives awareness about his work and his business. For instance, when there’s a public event Alfredo has taken photos of, all he has to do is pass out the QR codes like flyers and anyone can then see the photos from the event. This makes it way easier to share content with others offline, especially when sending a link to strangers isn’t normally possible. Whether you’re at a barbecue or a business conference, Genius Link QR codes are always a great way to share content with friends or promote your business to potential clients.

To get started with your own QR tags, simply navigate to the Links page within your Genius Link dashboard, click on the Share icon, and select QR code.  Your customized QR code will instantly be generated, and you can save the image and use it anywhere you want!

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For more information on Genius Link QR codes, be sure to check out our original blog article from September!

Are you using QR codes in a unique way that has helped your offline marketing campaigns? We always love to hear from our users, so please feel free to share in the comments below!