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Using Geniuslink With Squarespace

Squarespace is a great platform for simplifying the tedious process of building a professional website. Maybe you’ve built a Squarespace site to promote your book, music, or you’ve created a site reviewing awesome products and want to earn some affiliate revenue by posting links to Amazon or iTunes. Regardless of what you’re promoting, you want to make sure you’re connecting your audience to the easiest place for them to purchase those products, and pulling useful data out of your clicks to become a better marketer. That’s where Geniuslink comes in.

There are two simple methods for using Geniuslink’s intelligent links with a Squarespace site. With the help of one of our awesome clients and creator of, Andrew Girardin, we’ve put together some tips on using our JavaScript Snippet and our links with a site powered by Squarespace.


Using Squarespace with the Geniuslink JavaScript Snippet

Many Squarespace templates like Bryant, Adirondack, Shift, and Anya work very well with Geniuslink’s JavaScript Snippet. This allows you to inject a piece of code that will automatically convert any Amazon or iTunes links across the site into a geo-localized and affiliated link that syncs with your Geniuslink account.

To activate the Geniuslink JavaScript Snippet across your entire site follow these steps:

  1. Click on Settings > Advanced > Code Injection      5cFj50M - Imgur
  2. Copy / Paste the Geniuslink JavaScript Snippet (found here) into the “Page Header Code Injection” field.                                       
  3. Change the TSID, or Traffic Source ID, in the JavaScript to your TSID and click save. Not sure where to find your TSID? Click here.                               

That’s all there is to it. Any Amazon or iTunes link you publish on your site automatically becomes an intelligent, globalized link with the affiliate parameters that you specified in your Geniuslink account.

Note: If you don’t want to convert all links across your entire site, you can do the same code injection process under “Settings” on individual site pages.


Using Squarespace with Links


Not all Squarespace templates will work with the Geniuslink JavaScript Snippet. This is because some templates load content after the page finishes loading, which doesn’t give our code the opportunity to convert links.

Don’t worry, you can still use our globalized links to ensure the highest conversions by building links with our Link Creator Tool. Simply create your links in the Geniuslink dashboard, then publish those links to your Squarespace site in the place of raw Amazon or iTunes links.  


Tips for posting Globalized Amazon Links with the Squarespace Amazon Block


Squarespace has a handy tool for posting Amazon links with their Amazon Block. This tool can be used seamlessly on templates that work with our JavaScript Snippet, but requires a workaround to be used with individual links. Big thanks again to Andrew Girardin for sharing these tips.

Here is a brief step by step with some tips for using the Amazon Block with the Geniuslink JavaScript Snippet shared with us by one of our clients:

  1. Navigate to an insert point where you’d like to post your Amazon link and click on the Amazon icon.                                                      2015-09-25 12_20_15-Squarespace with Geniuslink - Google Docs                                
  1. You can find the product you’d like to link to by searching “Find a Product” field, or copy / paste the URL directly from Amazon (including the ASIN code). The latter ensures you are linking to the exact product listing on Amazon where you intend to send your readers. You can also choose additional content you’d like to display alongside the link.           2015-09-25 12_27_15-Restaurant — link test site for squarespace
  2. Click “Apply” and you should see your Amazon link populate on the page. Spacers around the blocks can be used to help squeeze down the size of the images if you don’t like the giant images that may be displayed by default.               


Amazon links in templates that aren’t compatible with our JavaScript Snippet won’t globalize correctly using the Amazon Block. Here is a workaround allowing you to use a globalized link that looks like one created with the Amazon Block, and allows you to bring in metadata and current pricing info:

  1. Navigate to an insert point where you want to place your Amazon link and click on the “Image” icon.                                                   2015-10-01 09_42_09-Squarespace with Geniuslink - Google Docs                                           
  2. Select the image you want associated with the link.
  3. Enter your link for the “Clickthrough URL” for the image.                                                                                                                                  2015-09-25 14_57_05-Restaurant — link test site for squarespace
  4. Underneath your image insert an Amazon Block and find the item you’re linking to. Make sure “Show Image” and “Add Buy Button” are not selected, and click “Apply.”    2015-09-25 15_05_55-Restaurant — link test site for squarespace

Now you have a globalized link embedded in an image, and Squarespace will automatically populate up to date pricing and other relevant info below.            2015-09-25 15_13_57-Restaurant — link test site for squarespace


So there you have it. Simple website construction and intelligent linking combined! Thanks again to our friend Andrew for sharing tips that he employs on his own sites like Feel free to contact us with any additional tips or questions.


Happy linking,

Team Geniuslink