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What is an Intelligent Link? [Infographic]

Many digital marketers might not realize that links can be one of the most powerful weapons in their arsenal. Intelligent links help you gain a better picture of your consumer’s interests and gives you the ability to create the best possible buying experiences for them.

Why Are Intelligent Links Essential?

Links are the glue holding together every piece of your digital marketing strategy. Standard links and simple short links can provide basic redirection and reporting, but they may be costing you. Every click is an opportunity — an opportunity for a sale, to identify an interested customer, or just gain more understanding about your audience and which marketing tactics are performing best. Intelligent links give you the ability to fully capture that opportunity. Whether you’re a product marketer, affiliate marketer, or marketing any other type of goods or services online, intelligent links should be an integral part of all of your campaigns.

The type of digital experience you create for your audience and their preferred buying behaviors must dictate your link management tools selection process. With the increasing number of devices coming online everyday, fragmentation is a significant and costly challenge that can only be mitigated by leveraging the power of intelligent links. This is a new whole set of capabilities and performance optimization opportunities for your marketing programs.

What makes a link intelligent, you ask? Check out the infographic below to discover all the marketing tactics you can perform to create the right buying experience for the right audience using smart links.


The Intelligent Link Infographic

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