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Why GeoRiot Isn’t “Free”

* – but really is.


The GeoRiot service uses a unique revenue model based around affiliating a small percentage of a client’s clicks with the “house” tracking parameters. It’s GeoRiot’s hope that these clicks will go on to result in a sale and then yield a small commission for GeoRiot. Collectively, it’s these small commissions that come together to make up our revenue and keep the lights on. We call our unique revenue model “Click Share“, but most of our customers call it simply “paying with clicks”.

While we’ve discussed the benefits of the Click Share model, we’ve never before explained why this revenue model plays an integral role in the quality of service we offer.

We’ll start with the three pillars upon which GeoRiot‘s premium service rests – which ultimately set us apart from any geo-targeting service.

1- A complete solution to geo-fragmentation. While a growing number of services offer geo-targeted links, GeoRiot takes this concept to the next level. The GeoRiot service offers a holistic approach that places equal emphasis on the “translation” and “affiliation” of the link and then provides complete transparency to the process via a unified reporting platform.

By doing this, our service provides the absolute best link for every click, it prevents errors that would land a consumer on a brand’s home page instead of at the desired item and leverages all of a brand’s international affiliate programs to significantly increase revenue for our clients.

We’re constantly pushing ourselves to innovate and raise the bar by offering cutting edge capabilities to further improve your campaigns and boost your revenue. As such, our latest update to the GeoRiot dashboard, by-link Performance Reports, serve as a one-stop-shop for your reporting metrics, providing even greater visibility into the performance of each of your links.

2- Support & education. Customer service and education are a top priority, but don’t take our word for it, we decided to let our clients do the talking here:

“As a small business owner who takes our own customer service very seriously it’s great to see you doing such a good job – thanks!” – Growing Interactive

“Keep up the great work… the GeoRiot team should get a medal for its reactivity!” – SQuatsoft

“Not only will they help you capture more of your revenue opportunity, their customer service is exemplary.” – PlayHaven

Simply put, the success of our clients is our top priority. This brings us to education.

In addition to providing a top tier service, educating our clients is one of our highest priorities. We recently contributed the content for an issue of MAKE APP Magazine to guide app developers through the ins and outs of affiliating to the App Store. We regularly post original, informational content on topics such as building app developer links and tips on staying in good standing with the iTunes / App Store affiliate program. Additionally, we created the first step-by-step guides and video tutorials to walk you through applying to each affiliate program through LinkShare, Tradedoubler and DGM, to give our clients easier access to global affiliate revenue.

3- Speed & reliability. It all boils down to speed and reliability, and our platform is built to scale.  Your ability to convert clicks to sales is directly related to the speed at which your clicks are processed. At GeoRiot, we believe that putting our resources toward a rock solid global infrastructure is essential to your success as well as ours. Worldwide, a GeoRiot link is processed in roughly one tenth of a second before the next hop (Affiliate Network, iTunes, App Store, etc.). To give some perspective, geo-targeting services we’re familiar with take nearly 3x longer.

How can GeoRiot be that fast?

Our global infrastructure currently consists of servers spread over five regions with several servers at each location. Each region has it’s own independent sets of redundant load balancers, worker nodes and caches with dynamic fail overs. We use a top-end AnyCast DNS provider to ensure we are always serving clicks from the fastest data center to the end user, and, clicks are always routed to the server with the fastest response time at any given moment. We combine a mix of cloud and physical servers based on the type of workload and scale needs. In short, this means that no matter what country your link is being served in, it won’t have to travel far to get there and with a sustainable infrastructure in place, you can rest assured that your GeoRiot affiliate links will be supported indefinitely.

Using GeoRiot is Free

Supporting these three core components of the GeoRiot service isn’t free, but that doesn’t mean our service can’t be. At GeoRiot, we never ask for your credit card or bank information. Even after sharing a small percent of clicks with us, our typical client still doubles their affiliate commissions. How? Simply put, our service provides better handling of existing click traffic and access to affiliate programs around the world.

We strive for complete efficiency, which is why we’ve designed a revenue model that benefits everyone and ensures that GeoRiot is a sustainable business.

So what do you think about our pay with clicks model? We love hearing your feedback whether via email, Twitter, or Facebook!