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Your GeoRiot-Related Questions Explained

We recently had the opportunity to engage Nick Daws in a conversation about our Amazon support following a review of GeoRiot published on his blog last month. He had a number of insightful comments, and a few product-related questions, which we decided to put together in a blog post to share with the rest of you. So without further ado, here are a few things you may have always wondered about GeoRiot, but never thought to ask.

ASIN’s and Link Building

You may have wondered why you can’t create an Amazon-based affiliate link simply by entering a product’s ASIN into our Link Creator tool. We require an Amazon product page link because these links contain two important pieces of information: an item’s ASIN and the storefront it refers to. While a product’s ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) can sometimes tell you the item’s country of origin, it’s not a fail-safe or efficient method.

Instead of requiring our clients to find multiple ASINs from various regions to build a link, like other services, we’ve designed our process in such a way that requires the least amount of initial work to create globalized links while also minimizing the maintenance needed over time (as Amazon’s catalog is always changing). By providing us with a single “base” link, GeoRiot can then quickly complete the translation behind-the-scenes for every click. This ensures our link translations are always pointing to the most relevant item at that time and not something that went out of stock months ago.

Determining Your “Base” Country

GeoRiot determines the base country on a per-link basis, and not by your physical location. For example, if you provide an link, the US will be the base country for that link; an will assign the UK as your base country, and so on.

With GeoRiot you can align the base country of any specific link to match the country where expect the large majority of affiliate sales from that link to come from, even if it’s not the country you currently call home.

Requiring Users To Create A GeoRiot Account

We feel strongly about providing our users with a safe, centralized place to store their affiliate-related information, manage links and review their data among other things.

Your dashboard provides you with the ability to manage any link you create with GeoRiot, as well as your affiliate tags. This is especially useful when new elements are introduced to the Associates program (as they frequently are) in the form of additional storefronts or affiliate programs and immediately reflected in your dashboard. (Welcome, India!) Having a single dashboard to house your campaigns simplifies your workflow, especially when you have links live across the web and want to quickly make changes.

Additionally, our dashboard guarantees a secure, private portal for viewing your affiliate data. A GeoRiot user account provides anytime, anywhere access to your entire catalogue of linking data and keeps your marketing stats away from prying eyes.

‘Pay With Clicks’

We strive for complete transparency when it comes to explaining our Click Share payment model. Pay With Clicks was designed to protect our clients by making sure that we only get paid when we help you earn more money. The model helps ensure our service continues at 100% uptime, allows us to provide top notch client support, enables links to resolve as fast and accurately as possible, and puts us in a position where we can continue to innovate in the space.