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How to Find and Use Your Amazon Affiliate Access Key

Many Amazon Associates have questions around what their Amazon Affiliate Access Keys are, how to use them, and where to find them. In this blog, we will go through all you need to know about your Amazon Affiliate Access Keys and why they might be important to the success of your affiliate site or something you don’t need to worry about at all.

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Amazon Poland ( Launches with Affiliate Program

On March 2nd, 2021, Amazon took another step in its pursuit of global domination and launched a new storefront in Northern Europe, and another new Amazon affiliate program! was launched to support shoppers in Poland. This makes the 20th independent Amazon storefront worldwide now and the eighth in Europe (,,,,,, being the other seven).

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Maximizing Amazon Affiliate Earnings – Direct Qualifying Purchase vs. Indirect Qualifying Purchase

In early February 2021, Amazon drastically expanded the unique method that is used to calculate affiliate commission payouts in five of the 19 Amazon affiliate programs worldwide. For the five original Associates programs in Europe, the Direct vs. Indirect Qualifying Purchases model is now dominant. 

What does this mean for your bottom line and how can you maximize Amazon affiliate earnings? Great questions, let’s dive in!

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False Positives & Broken Communication Lines Cause DNS Hell


What else can 2020 throw at us? Turns out the year isn’t over yet and we’ve got a bit of a story for you…

In short, starting at approximately 22:30 pm PST on December 8th and gradually becoming more prominent over the next hour the domain was partially unavailable due to a DNS error. This broke a number of links using our service and thus clicks from these links wouldn’t resolve. The issue was fully resolved by 2:00 am on December 9th. 

Our sincerest apologies if this impacted you or your links during this time.

Ready for the details? It’s a bit of a crazy one…

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Affiliate Link Localization Now Live for Amazon Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Sweden

Just in time for Black Friday / Cyber Monday, we are excited to announce that our patented product link localization technology has been enhanced to now support Amazon Singapore (, Amazon Saudia Arabia (, Amazon Sweden (, and the related Amazon affiliate programs

What this means for you (creators, YouTubers/studios, authors/publishers, musicians/labels, affiliate publishers, influencers, gamers, and directors/VPs of Commerce) is that your Amazon links, managed through Geniuslink, are even smarter and more powerful. If you are starting with an link it means your clicks from Sweden, Singapore, and Saudia Arabia will generate more conversions as each shopper is taken to the correct product in their local Amazon storefronts.