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Optimize every click

Get the most out of every link with simple and powerful tools that improve conversions and save you time.

Effortless affiliation

Never lose a commission again. Just paste a product link and Geniuslink will automatically monetize it with affiliate programs and networks you have connected. More...

Mobile deep linking New!

Multiply your earnings by ensuring that your Amazon links take mobile shoppers to their Amazon app or native browser whenever possible. More...

Earn big from Amazon Sellers New!

Add sky-high revenue to your affiliate earnings by connecting seller networks to your Geniuslink account. Levanta, Archer Affiliates, and MaverickX supported. More...

Dynamic link destinations

Boost conversions by routing visitors based on their language, device, operating system, country, and even time-of-click.

Maximize international commissions

Amazon links are automatically localized for international shoppers, making sure every user gets to the right item in their local storefront and you get credit for those sales.

Earn more with Choice Pages

See how our clients have more than doubled their earnings by presenting multiple buying options, all through one link and a beautiful product landing page. More...

A/B testing

Automatically route a percentage of your clicks to different destinations for the same audience segment. Compare landing page and storefront performance. More...


Retarget visitors going to any destination – even sites you don't manage. Supports Facebook, Google Adwords, and more. Includes GDPR-safe option to exclude EU visitors. More...

Let your visitors choose

As an alternative to our simple short links, create gorgeous Choice Pages that let visitors decide how they buy, while keeping your video descriptions short and sweet.

You set the options; they get to pick. And commissions funnel right into your pocket. Cha-ching! Learn more...

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Personalize your intelligent links for better user experiences and conversions.

Branded with your domain

Brand your links with your own domain. Improve your click-through rate with a name your fans will instantly trust.

Vanity URLs

Personalize each link to make it unique, memorable and click-friendly by adding your own flair, like

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Understand and Improve

Use actionable reports to measure what's working and what's not, then adjust your marketing strategies for better performance in the future.

Link management

If you use links to monetize your content or market your business, Geniuslink offers a collection of features that will help you save time and reveal important insights. More...

Comprehensive insights

See top metrics across ten reports (country, referrer, OS, device, destination and more) at three levels of granularity (account, group and individual link) to truly understand your audience and campaigns.

Sales & commissions tracking (iTunes only)

Learn even more by syncing your affiliate data to view earnings across the world in a single dashboard.

Describe links with notes

Add a note to links to let your team know what each link is for, or add a reminder for yourself.

Amazon Link Health

Don't lose sleep wondering if a link is broken or a product is out of stock. We'll notify you so you can fix things.

UTM tagging

Use our tagging tool to attach and track UTM tags on your links. With tags, you can compare campaigns, channels, creative and more.

Report engine

Get granular with your data using our robust report engine to see every data point for every link and click, ever.

True conversion measurements

Close the attribution loop by seeing which clicks turn into sales for the items you're promoting. View conversions across links, groups, tags, devices, operating systems and browsers (iTunes only).

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Get up and running

Intelligent doesn't mean complicated. Easy integration and setup options get you up and running, stat.

Make shareable short links

Geniuslink dashboard

Your ultimate link creation tool. Build everything from simple short links to Choice Pages with custom routing, tracking and retargeting capabilities. Already signed up? Just log in...

Chrome extension

Create and copy fully optimized short links as you browse with just a couple clicks of the mouse. Your new links can be used right away and will appear in your dashboard. Get it...

YouTube optimizer

Instantly boost commissions across your entire YouTube channel by optimizing each Amazon product link in your video descriptions. Free with every plan and available by request.

API integration

Integrate with us to automate the creation and management of your short links or build the link management tool of your dreams. Business Plan only.

Learn more...

Real-time content optimization

WordPress plugin

Automatically affiliate and localize Amazon or iTunes product links in your WordPress site. Learn more about our Amazon and iTunes plugins.

Embed snippet

Just like our WordPress plugins, this JS snippet will automatically affiliate and localize all supported links in your web property as the page loads. Already signed up? See your snippet creator

"Quick build"

Use any front or back end web tech, including PHP, .NET, and JS to optimize supported product links on your web property. Learn more...

Learn more...

Team up with multiple users

Add your coworkers to your account to team up on marketing campaigns, while keeping their links and reporting metrics separate.
Create your marketing think tank.

Stay organized with groups

Keep links organized and get unique insights into specific collections or campaigns with Groups.
Explore Groups.

Fine-tune links in real time

Edit your links to add advanced targets, pixels and even change the default destination in real time, even after they're live.

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A service you can trust

We're here to help you succeed. We do this by offering fair pricing and strive to build long term relationships with every one of our clients. Always.

Trusted for Amazon Associates

Geniuslink is trusted by thousands of Amazon affiliates and we work diligently to ensure our service meets the Associates' guidelines.
Learn more...

Free world-class support

Client success is deeply ingrained in our DNA and it shows through everything we do, including our support. Contact us with any questions, concerns or issues you run into and we'll make sure you're taken care of.

Blazing fast and reliable

Our global infrastructure is a finely tuned combination of top-end hardware and high-performance cloud-based services around the world. You'll never see a slow or broken link and our uptime is second to none.
See our current uptime and availability.

Consulting available

Let our experts help you get the most from Geniuslink.
Contact us for more information.

Per-click pricing that flexes with you

Earn more revenue and grow more quickly with plans that scale along with your success.

See pricing...