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Geniuslink gives you more ways to turn clicks into commissions than any other platform or plugin. That's why thousands of affiliates and publishers like Pat Flynn, Digital Trends, and ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney use Geniuslink every day.

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"One of the biggest value adds with Geniuslink is getting visibility into the international clicks that would have been wasted without this service."

Christophe Frenet - Vice President, Commerce and Community at Future

It's not just a link localizer
It's a commission boosting machine

Here’s how Geniuslink makes localization easy while giving you more power and control. See how Geniuslink helps you automate, boost sales, simplify, and optimize.

Create affiliated links the easy way

With Geniuslink you don’t waste hours manually editing links or hunting down your affiliate id’s. Just copy, paste, and your link is optimized and ready to go. Once you add your affiliate id’s the first time, Geniuslink instantly affiliates any link to Amazon, iTunes, Walmart and more...

Make shareable short links

Geniuslink dashboard

Our most popular and powerful link creation tool.

Chrome extension

Create optimized links from any page as you browse. Get it...

API integration

Automate link creation inside your process with full API support.

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Auto-optimize your existing links

WordPress plugins

Instantly optimize all your product links with our Amazon and iTunes plugins.

Embed snippet

Embed one line of code and update thousands of links at once.

"Quick build"

Use our URL format to programatically point your links through Geniuslink.

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Boost Sales
Earn from every country

Happier shoppers are more likely to buy and earn you more commissions. Geniuslink will help send your visitors to the page where they have the best chance of making a purchase.

Earn more from every country

Geniuslink detects a shopper's country, language, device, and more, then routes them to the best page for them. It's automatic for Amazon, iTunes, and Microsoft. Plus, you can define custom destinations for any other affiliate program.

Unlike Amazon OneLink, we support all major Amazon storefronts and our localization leads the way in accuracy.

Mobile deep linking New!

Double or triple your Amazon earnings by ensuring that your links take mobile shoppers to the Amazon app whenever possible, instead of getting stranded in a random app's browser. More...

Add earnings from Amazon sellers New!

Supplement your affiliate revenue with seller networks offering rates 10x higher than Amazon Associates. Just connect your free seller network account in you your Geniuslink dashboard and we do the rest. Levanta, Archer Affiliates, and MaverickX supported. More...

Let your visitors choose

As an alternative to our simple short links, create gorgeous Choice Pages that let visitors decide how they buy. It takes five minutes or less—no coding required.

You set the options; they get to pick. And commissions funnel right into your pocket. Cha-ching! Learn more...


Add pixels to your short links to build highly qualified, custom audiences you can continue to engage. Better yet, with Geniuslink you can build audiences from links that go anywhere — not just the sites you manage. All plans support popular pixels from Facebook and more...

Amazon Link Health Monitoring

Get alerts when Amazon links break or a product goes out of stock, so that you can either fix the link or change your offer.

No need to manually check every link you have out in the wild!

Manage all your affiliate links from one place

No matter how many programs, websites, or campaigns you run, one Geniuslink account keeps them separate and effortlessly organized. Rejoice: you don't need to log in to 6 different dashboards or use ugly spreadsheets anymore.

One dashboard for all your links and channels

Create custom groups

Organize links in custom groups for products, campaigns, programs, and more.

Edit live links

Change a link's destination on the fly, add pixels or custom destinations based on who or where each visitor is.

Multi-channel reporting

Compare performance of links to different websites or channels from one convenient report.

Know exactly what’s working, and where to double down

Smart affiliates know: Without analytics, you're wasting money needlessly. How much more will you earn when you can...

  • Know exactly which channels perform best
  • Track which videos, emails, posts or ads drive the most clicks
  • See where you're leaving money on the table
  • Compare performance at a link, group, or account level

Geniuslink makes ALL of that possible, even if you're not a "stats person." It's the surprisingly simple edge you need to scale revenue faster.

A/B test anything

Send a percentage of your clicks to different destinations and compare landing page or storefront performance.

Retarget anyone

Retarget anyone who clicks, even if they never visited your website, and track custom audiences for easy follow-up.

Tag links and compare

Attach UTM tags on any link to compare campaigns, channels, ads, and more.

Monetize your traffic with confidence

Learn why some of the world's biggest brands trust Geniuslink with their traffic.

Safe for Amazon

Geniuslink is trusted by thousands of Amazon affiliates and complies with the Associates program guidelines. Learn more...

No stolen commissions

When you add your affiliate or Associates ID for the storefront you send traffic to, we will never take a cut. Period.

No "locked in" links

If you convert your links with our WordPress plugin or JavaScript Snippet, you can un-convert them all anytime, in an instant.

Lightning fast, dependable infrastructure

Our global infrastructure is a finely tuned combination of top-end hardware and high-performance, redundant cloud-based services. It's why top brands trust us with their traffic.

GDPR Compliant

We strongly believe in data privacy and have worked with top legal minds to address how Geniuslink, its links, and clients can be good internet citizens and best comply with the relevant legislation (GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy, etc.). Further, Geniuslink has historically participated in Safe Harbor and Privacy Shield and now uses the SCCs framework to ensure good data privacy and security. Learn more...

Support from people who 'get' affiliates.

When something goes wrong, lost time is lost money. That's why we've got an entire team dedicated to giving you fast support from someone who knows their stuff. Every single time.