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Put your affiliate program on stage

Geniuslink is empowering creators and publishers to go multi-retailer, and now you can give your affiliate program a seat at the table.

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"Through Geniuslink, affiliate marketers are now able to find new marketplaces to expand their recommendations beyond Amazon's catalog. As a brand, we're able to get in front of them with a competitive, unique catalog of gear they may not have found without the help of Geniuslink."

Alec Ploof, Partnerships, Moment

A new affiliate landscape

What if creators and publishers didn’t have to choose whether to link to you or Amazon? What if they could have both, and without the additional cost in time, and only upside?

No more "all or nothing"

Amazon has enjoyed years as the only viable affiliate program for hundreds of thousands of YouTubers, bloggers, publishers and other creators. With its enormous catalog, low pricing, and comparatively high commissions, Amazon is seen as the “place to start” for new creators looking to monetize their content. And while creators generally want to give their audiences more choice and diversify their income, the additional cost in time and perceived risks leave many affiliates dependent on the world’s largest retailer.

Geniuslink removes these barriers, giving shoppers and affiliates the freedom they want, without the extra work.

Goodbye, links.
Hello, Choice Pages.

With Choice Pages, creators tell us what product they are sharing, and we give them an elegant, optimized, FTC-compliant page with multiple buying options -- each with their affiliate info attached. That means shoppers can choose where to buy, and your store gets a fair share of the spotlight.

The Choice Effect: Upside, all around

We’ve done the math and found that giving shoppers more choices improves EPC dramatically across all retailers. That means happier audiences, more profitable publishers, and more sales for you, the merchant. Learn more...

How to get your store in front of millions
4 tiers of integration.

Can your brand benefit from getting in front of thousands of affiliate publishers, plus tens of millions of consumers being sent to Amazon by default for the products in your catalog? Here are some simple steps you can take:

Let our clients connect to your program

Our clients will connect directly to your affiliate program in Geniuslink, where they earn 100% of their commissions. All we need is your one-time confirmation that we’ve set things up properly. This service is completely free if you are on a major affiliate network with at least 1K publishers and your product catalog overlaps with Amazon, or if you are a Sponsored Affiliate Program (see Tier 3).

Ask us about enabling your affiliate program at Geniuslink.

Let us recommend your store and products

When our clients create links to products that are available from other retailers we’ll nudge them to use a Choice Page. From there we’d like to recommend and insert products from your store. Just help us connect to your catalog.

Ask us about getting your products suggested today.

Partner with us and build your affiliate army

We can give thousands of creators and publishers at Geniuslink and extra incentive to share links to your store. You’ll also receive monthly insights into how your links are being used.

Ask us about becoming a sponsor today.

Localize and embrace the world

If your approach to growth includes launching international storefronts and affiliate programs you are likely creating “geo-fragmentation” challenges for your affiliate publishers and foreign shoppers. We’ve got a patented fix for this issue and over the last decade have built algorithms to help two of the largest online retailers in the world serve up the right link at the right time for their marketing teams and their affiliates worldwide.

Ask us about optimizing your links for your international audience.

Why Geniuslink?

Geniuslink is the largest independent link management tool for Amazon Associates. We work with tens of thousands of creators, influencers, YouTubers, niche/authority bloggers and affiliate marketers, and serve tens of millions of Amazon affiliate links across three major platforms. While our clients often start with Amazon, they are looking to grow as affiliates and diversify their income while improving the shopping experience for their audiences. Affiliate marketing runs deep at Geniuslink – our cofounder Jesse Lakes started the company with goal of helping retailers and affiliates monetize their entire international audiences. We want to help you do the same, and we hope to be your best partner.

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"I've noticed customers want to be able to choose who they buy from, making Geniuslink's new Choice Pages highly lucrative. Choice Pages have easily increased my conversion rates and helped me diversify my income away from one source."

Andy Feliciotti - Founder,