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"Folks, clean your links in your descriptions and sign up for Geniuslink. If you put in the work, it will pay for itself and I can guarantee you’re leaving money on the table by not using it."

Hargett Devane III, TechnicallyTee

Simplify your life.
And unlock the true power of your links.

Most people think of links as these disposable little things we “fire and forget.” Afterall, what else can you do with links? Well, a lot. And with Geniuslink you can transform the way you use links for marketing and monetization.

Track and measure links -- to anywhere

Gone are the days when you had to install an analytics snippet on a landing page if you wanted to measure a link’s traffic. When you create a link, you gain complete access to the traffic pouring through it, whether you are linking to another retailer or your own social media content.

Click reporting
See top metrics across ten reports (country, referrer, OS, device, destination and more) at three levels of granularity (account, group and individual link) to truly understand your audience and campaigns.

Campaign performance
Tag your links to compare performance of your campaigns, channels, creative and more. Tags are reported on inside the Geniuslink control panel, and can also attach UTMs to links for your own external attribution analytics.

A/B traffic split
Automatically split your clicks to different destinations on a percentage basis to run A/B tests or accommodate partner relationships. More...

Retarget visitors going to any destination – even sites you don't manage. Supports Facebook, Google Adwords, and more. Includes GDPR-safe option to exclude EU visitors. More...

All your important links in one place


Grouping your links not only keeps them organized, it allows you to view reports for those groups or change the way they monetize your content.


Add notes to let your team know what each link is for, or just add a reminder for yourself.


Tag your links to compare performance of your campaigns, channels, creative and more. Tags are reported on inside the Geniuslink control panel. They can also enable UTMs for your own external attribution analytics.

No fuss, no worry

Real-time editing
Typo? Did the destination move? Just edit the URL. No need to resend or retweet. And best of all, no need to fret before publishing, knowing you can always fix things later, if needed.

Amazon link health
Get notified when a product goes out of stock or your link breaks for any reason. (Stay tuned for support for non-Amazon links)

One link, tailored to each visitor

Save time and keep your content tidy by sharing a single link with the world, while still catering to the meaningful segments in your audience. With links, you can route each visitor to a different destination based on their location, language, device, OS, and date.

Compact, pretty, and branded

Short, customizable links

Personalize each link to make it unique, memorable and click-friendly by giving it a custom URL, like

Custom domains

Brand your links with your own domain. Improve your click-through rate with a name your fans will instantly trust. (Optional, additional fees may apply)

Never lose a commission again

With automatic affiliation, just add your affiliate info once, and Geniuslink will automatically monetize your links to Amazon, iTunes, Walmart and more....

On average, our clients have received a revenue boost resulting in an 8.7X ROI, by capturing commissions from international stores. And if that wasn't enough, many of our clients have doubled their affiliate revenue by using Choice Pages instead of direct links.

Read some client testimonials or try Geniuslink free today and see for yourself.

Give your visitors choice

As an alternative to our simple short links, create gorgeous Choice Pages that present options for your audience.

Want to share a single podcast link to the world, with multiple audio platforms? Recommending a product with multiple places to buy? Choice Pages are your ultimate "one link for all" solution. Learn more...

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"I've noticed customers want to be able to choose who they buy from, making Geniuslink's new Choice Pages highly lucrative. Choice Pages have easily increased my conversion rates and helped me diversify my income away from one source."

Andy Feliciotti - Founder,