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How Do You Prepare to Sell a Website

With 15+ years experience buying and selling websites as the CEO of micro private equity firm Domain Magnate, I have helped prepare hundreds of websites for sale and successfully managed and negotiated hundreds of deals. From my experience, the preparation stage of selling a website is vital in making sure you find the right buyer, negotiate the right price, and transition the business to new hands as smoothly as possible.

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eBay Affiliate Program + Commission Rates

We’re excited to be add eBay Partner Network eBay Partner Network (aka the eBay Affiliate Program) to your affiliate toolbelt! With their product inventory’s diversity and customer popularity, it’s a no-brainer to add eBay to your affiliate programs. With the eBay + Geniuslink integration, you can build links and earn commissions more effortlessly than ever!

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Essential Affiliate Marketing Tools: Affilimate

Today we are diving deep into Affilimate, an affiliate dashboard and data aggregator to explore what makes this type of tool unique and a no-brainer addition to the services that a blogger should be using to maximize their affiliate commissions. We’ll also explore one area where I think Affilimate has some room to grow.

But first, let’s take a step back to see the forest through the trees and why an affiliate data aggregator may be one of the essential tools you use as a niche/authority website builder, blogger, or website portfolio owner.

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An Interview with Eric Worral

Tell us about yourself and your channel.

My name is Eric Worral and I’ve been doing YouTube videos since 2012 and have created several channels through the years. My newest channel is The Passive Cabbage Challenge where I teach people how to generate affiliate income from YouTube.

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Bass Pro Shop Affiliate Program + Commission Rates

We are excited to introduce the auto-affiliate support for the Bass Pro Shop Affiliate Program! Bass Pro Shop is a retailer selling hunting, fishing, outdoor merchandise and North America’s premier outdoor and conservation company. With Bass Pro Shop + Geniuslink integration, you can build links and earn commissions through the Bass Pro Shop Affiliate Program more effortlessly than ever!