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Hargett Devane III, TechnicallyTee

What localization does
And why every Amazon Associate needs it

The world of Amazon: Over 20 stores

Each Amazon store has its own local language, currency, taxes, and regional warehouses for quick, affordable shipping. Amazon has spent billions of dollars building regional stores to provide international shoppers the optimal buying experience. Localized links let you take advantage of this by sending foreign shoppers to their local Amazon storefront automatically.

Lost shoppers, lost commissions

A poor shopping experience

If you share an Amazon link with your audience, your international visitors will go to the store you linked to, not their familiar local Amazon store. They may see a foreign language, foreign currency, poor shipping options, or even the wrong product version. Worse, they may not even have an account with the store you linked.

Lost affiliate tracking

Some of your foreign visitors may decide to manually visit their local Amazon store to make the purchase. Great, right? Wrong! While their shopping experience ended up working out, you will be left without your hard-earned affiliate commission. The Associates info attached to your original Amazon link won’t “stick” as they navigate to another store.

Geniuslink localization

One link that does all the work for you

Geniuslink localizes your Amazon links without any need for special configuration or setup on your part. Each link will automatically route visitors to the correct product in their region’s Amazon store, and your affiliate information will be correctly attached every time, so you can earn every commission you deserve.

Our patented localization technology is designed to help you squeeze the most revenue out of each link you create, without any special work. Geniuslink not only sends visitors to the best Amazon website, it first employs product matching algorithms to ensure your visitors are sent to the same product in their local store. And, even if a closely matching product is not found or we are not confident in the search results in the visitor’s local storefront, we will “fall back” to the original link to ensure the best user experience.

"Is Geniuslink worth it?"

For most, the answer is a definitive "yes". While we can’t promise a certain result for every client, we can give you an idea of what we’ve seen. On average, our clients have received a revenue boost resulting in an 8.7X ROI!

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How to start localizing your Amazon links today

  1. After signing up with Geniuslink, connect a few Amazon Associates programs to your Geniuslink account. We recommend starting with,, and for most English-based sites. They are easiest to sign up for and collect commissions.
  2. Convert an Amazon link into a link using any of our linking methods.
  3. Your link will detect each visitor’s location so that it can redirect them to the right product in their local Amazon store and affiliate your link perfectly using the programs you added.