Geniuslink vs Amazon OneLink

On the surface, it may seem that Amazon OneLink and Geniuslink do the same thing. Both are designed to localize your product links for shoppers around the world. But dig a little deeper and you'll see how much more Geniuslink has to offer. With superior product matching, link customization, and tons of implementation options to fit your needs, we think the choice is clear.

Geniuslink Amazon OneLink
Automatic link localization Yes Yes
Localization score (See report...) 622 423
Out-of-stock alerts Yes No
Localization monitoring Yes No
Prevents broken links (404's) Yes No
Fine-tune localization Yes No
Supports iTunes and Microsoft Yes No
Amazon countries supported 18 7
Amazon link formats supported 17 2
Supports raw links Yes No
Neighboring countries   Yes Yes
Implementation methods
Javascript Yes Yes
WordPress plugin Yes No
Non-Javascript options Yes No
Short links Yes No
API Yes No

Use multiple tracking IDs

Yes Yes
Use multiple international tracking IDs Yes No
Selective localization and affiliation** Yes No

Please reach out with any questions or to book a demo. Or, start a free trial now and see the differences first hand!