Build links your way

Powerful, fast link-building methods to suit your needs

Make shareable short links

Geniuslink dashboard

The ultimate affiliate link creation tool. Build everything from simple short links to Choice Pages with custom routing, tracking and retargeting. Just Log in...

Chrome extension

Create and copy fully optimized short links as you browse with just a couple clicks of the mouse. Your new links can be used right away and will appear in your dashboard. Get it...

YouTube optimizer

Instantly boost commissions across your entire YouTube channel by optimizing each Amazon product link in your video descriptions. Free with every plan and available by request.

API integration

Integrate with us to automate the creation and management of your short links or build the link management tool of your dreams. Business Plan only.

Real-time content optimization

WordPress plugin

Automatically affiliate and optimize all published and yet-to-be published product links in your WordPress site. Learn more about our Amazon and iTunes plugins.

Embed snippet

Just like our WordPress plugins, this JS snippet will automatically affiliate and localize all supported links in your web property as the page loads. Log in to see see your snippet creator.

"Quick build"

Use your favorite web tech (.NET, PHP, JS, etc...) to optimize any supported product links on your web property in real time. Learn more...

Methods compared

Dashboard and API

Powerful short linking

Chrome Extension

Create links as you browse

Youtube Optimizer

Update all product links in your Youtube descriptions

WP Plugin, JS Snippet, and Quick build

Localize & affiliate existing links in your content

Short links
Vanity links
Custom domains ($)
Per-link reporting
Custom / Advanced routing rules
Choice Pages (Dash only)
Automatic & Effortless
Instant Amazon compliance