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Boost sales by ensuring each shopper is always taken to the best store.

If you promote your own products online via links to stores like Amazon, you could be losing sales.

  • Foreign visitors might see error pages or get forcibly redirected to a non-product page on their local storefront, leading to dead-ends.
  • Some shoppers are more likely to make a purchase if they can choose their preferred store from a list.

With Geniuslink, each shopper who clicks your link will be redirected the best product and store for their region. Or, you can show a list of destinations and let each visitor choose their preferred store.

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Why they use Geniuslink

Automagically Globalized Store Links

Our patented translation process automatically ensures that your iTunes and Amazon product links are localized, sending every user to the correct item in their local storefront.


Create remarketing pools using tracking pixels from Facebook, Twitter, Google Adwords and more to better track your audience. Create more effective marketing campaigns in the future based on who clicked today.

Choice Pages

Let customers choose where to make their purchase. With this "interstitial," your link becomes a beautifully simple and responsive landing page that you can customize for your audience. More...

A/B Testing

Automatically route a percentage of your clicks to different destinations for the same audience segment. Compare landing page and storefront performance.

Custom Domains

Brand your links with your own domain (additional fee may apply). Improve your click-through rate with a name your fans will instantly trust.

Dynamic Link Destinations

Improve conversions by marketing to your entire audience. Create a single link that routes every user to the right place based on their language, device, operating system, country and even date of click.

Comprehensive Insights

See top metrics across ten reports (country, referrer, OS, device, destination and more) at three levels of granularity (account, group and individual link) to truly understand your audience and campaigns.

Auto Affiliation

Add your Amazon and iTunes affiliate parameters once and we'll automatically affiliate each click with the correct ID, earning you more commissions from around the world.

Don't just take our word for it...

"The Geniuslink service quickly became our default link management tool and we are constantly finding new ways to innovate and leverage the tools with the team."

"The Geniuslink service has all of our link management needs covered and continues to roll out new features we never knew we needed and are now essential for our competitive edge."

"My book recommendations newsletter and articles have always had an international audience but it took too much time or was too hard to make custom links for each one. GeoRiot basically fixes all that for me, increases conversions and helps me spread the word about books I love."