Affiliate Marketing Amazon Associates Affiliate Commission Rates: A Historical Guide

Updated April, 14th 2020 to reflect the recent notice of commission changes coming on April, 21st 2020

The affiliate program (a.k.a. the Associates Program) is the most popular affiliate marketing program in the world with one recent source citing “millions” of affiliate publishers.  The Associates program has also evolved significantly since its inception in July of 1996 (as anything Internet-related should in the ~ 23 years of its existence). One of the most impactful changes is in how the affiliate program rewards the affiliate publishers who direct customers to Amazon and recommend various products.  

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iHerb Affiliate Program + Geniuslink

iHerb ( is a force to be reckoned with amongst the online health supplements / sports nutrition / beauty products retailers.  One of the earlier online retailers, iHerb kicked off in 1996 (remember that Amazon started just a year prior) and has stayed focused on a few key verticals to ensure they can go deep and be the experts.  Over the last 20 plus years, iHerb has grown to be a global provider (and supports 54 semi-localized storefronts and ships to over 150 different countries!) with a huge product catalog — 30,000 products from 1,200 brands. Fortunately, there is also an iHerb affiliate program.

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Amazon Saudi Arabia Affiliate Program

On June 17th, 2020, we were excited to learn that Amazon had expanded its global presence again and not only launched a new storefront but also an additional Amazon affiliate program. Let’s take a deep dive into everything you need to know about The Amazon Saudi Arabia Affiliate Program!

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How To Experiment With Your Affiliate Links and Increase Commissions

As you start hitting your stride with affiliate marketing and leveling up your skills, there is an important discipline to be explored – experimentation. Your affiliate links could be making you greater commissions if you can figure out what to tweak.

Trusting your gut is essential in the early days of your adventures in affiliate marketing, when “anything is better than nothing” and “perfect shouldn’t get in the way of done” reign true. Eventually, you may find that your head and your gut disagree on things. When this happens, it’s a good time to start running some experiments with your affiliate links to discover what truly performs best. 

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Update 05/28/20: We have finally received PA API access for, which means that we will now automatically localize and affiliate any Amazon links to or from the Amazon Netherlands storefront! See below for more details.

On March 10th, 2020 we noticed that Amazon added an affiliate program to its only storefront that didn’t have one — Amazon Netherlands (!  “Amazon PartnerNet” as it’s officially known brings the total number of Amazon affiliate programs worldwide to 17 (16 of which are public and Turkey that is invite-only).