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Finding Broken Amazon Associates Links

Finding Broken Amazon Associates Links

[Note: The plugin originally mentioned in this post has disappeared, as a result we built this functionality into our tool.  Read more in our post: Introducing the Amazon Link Health Monitor]

As a company completely focused on making links work as seamlessly as possible, the thought of “broken” links makes us shudder in our sleep. Broken Amazon Associates links, however, are the things that haunt us and keep us up all night.

Sending someone to a non-existent or out of stock item in Amazon can mean not only lost commissions but lost sales as well. On top of that, it’s a very poor experience for your website’s visitors. Even if you’re using Geniuslink to ensure that you earn commissions worldwide and provide the best possible experience for your all of your customers, it’s all for nothing if you start without an Amazon Affiliate link checker.

Check Amazon Links

Please note: Since this article was originally published, the Check Amazon Links Plugin has become unavailable. We’ve reached out to the creator of the plugin to see if we can get this very useful plugin live again.

Luckily, there is an awesome tool that can help ensure that you’re not serving bad Amazon links on your WordPress site. This tool is a WordPress Plugin called Check Amazon Links. It works by scanning your entire WordPress site for Amazon links and verifying that the items you’re linking to are in stock. It will even check your links for affiliate tags and notify you via email if an item becomes out of stock.

Check Amazon Links Automatically, Receive emails when items become out-of-stock, Check Affiliate Tags

If you’re already using our Amazon Link Engine WordPress plugin to geo-localize and affiliate all Amazon links across your WordPress site, you’ll need to temporarily disable the ALE in order to use the Check Amazon Links plugin. While this plugin is incredibly useful, it will only work with raw Amazon links— not custom short links or dynamically created links like you would get with the ALE. While this adds an additional step, it could be well worth the trouble if you have a large amount of Amazon links scattered throughout your site. You may be losing a significant amount of commissions without knowing it, and running Check Amazon Links is a simple way to ensure you’re not missing out.

Stop Missing Out!

So there you have it. While Geniuslink can help guarantee you’re not losing out on Amazon commissions from your global audience, Check Amazon Links can help ensure you’re not sending your audience to non-existent or out of stock items. Checking your links regularly will help ensure you’re always providing the best possible experience for your users with the highest opportunity to earn commissions!