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Moment Affiliate Program Deep Dive

Online shopping has drastically changed because of COVID. On top of that, Amazon cut its commission rates for affiliates. Creators everywhere have been looking to explore new affiliate programs. That’s why we started this series. There are many alternatives to the Amazon Associate program that need affiliates. We trust and know each one of the affiliate managers we interview and do all the digging- so you don’t have to! We sat down with Alec, the Moment partnerships analyst, to talk about the perks, commissions, and parameters of their program.

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Moment’s Affiliate Program

For this interview, our CEO, Jesse Lakes, got on the phone with Alec, a partnerships analyst from Moment. Alec’s works to find new affiliate partners and help them get set up with Moment’s platform.

For those who don’t know, Moment is a marketplace for creatives. Moment is unique because they sell gear, online video lessons, and destination workshops. As an affiliate, it provides a broad offering of gear, learning, and experiences. Moment carries all the gear needed for photography, filmmaking, travel, and working remotely. This spans from big brands like Sony, Fuji, and DJI, to niche brands with loyal customer followings.

We here at Geniuslink have worked with Moment for a little while, and have nothing but good things to say. For the full rundown of how Geniuslink and Moment pair together, check out our Moment Affiliate Program + Geniuslink blog.

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People who shop from Moment are typically described as the next generation of creatives. From designers to engineers to photographers to filmmakers.

Alec is no stranger to affiliate marketing. Back in high school, he had the aspirations of becoming an online creator. He included affiliate links on live streams and Youtube videos to make some money as well.
Alec joined Moment to help with SEO and paid advertising.

“It was always on our roadmap to improve existing referral program, when COVID started it was even more important to create an affiliate program built for creators as Amazon was cutting their rates and they needed additional income more than ever.”

Moment took a step back on ad spend and decided to shift attention towards helping build out affiliate programs for creators. Now Alec is full-time helping creators grow their revenue streams.
After all this time working with affiliates, if you’re in the Moment Affiliate program, Alec’s best advice is authenticity.

Moment has seen a lot of success with everyday creators. These creators use affiliate links to share gear recommendations with their friends/family. A lot of these creators are on track to earn a couple of hundred extra dollars by the end of the year just by doing this.

One of Moment’s success stories is with a medium-sized Youtube creator. This creator switched all their applicable Amazon affiliate links to Moment links. They’re already making 4x the amount they were making through Amazon’s affiliate program. On average, Moment partners are earning over double the earnings per click than Amazon.

Speaking of Amazon, How Does Moment’s Affiliate Program Compare?

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Moment’s affiliate program is similar to Amazon, but it is more personal and potentially rewarding.

First is the breadth of the offering, from gear to learning Moment is the place for creatives to shop and learn new skills.
Second is the fact that they offer much longer click windows and higher margins than Amazon. Moment believes their affiliates should be compensated fairly. So they built this robust affiliate program.

Other benefits that Moment offers include onboarding services to help you get all set up with your links if needed. You also get access to a private Slack community to join like-minded creatives. You can grow and learn about creating and affiliate marketing together. Moment also invests in their partners to help get them the gear they need to review and improve their content.

You can read more on how to pair Moment with Geniuslink. After which you can take advantage of the Geniuslink Chrome Extension and Choice Pages to seamlessly earn from the Moment affiliate program.

Interested in Joining the Moment Squad?

Good news! Moment is expanding their affiliate program and looking for awesome people to join. They welcome anyone that could benefit from this program to join.

There are some restrictions. For example, they don’t allow for coupon sites to be a part of the program since those take too many conversions from the rest of the partners. But otherwise, if you plan to organically use these affiliate links, Moment would love to have you.

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Their ideal affiliate would work with them to produce high-quality content, with trusted reviews. Consumers are looking for trusted advice on what to buy and our best partners build this trust with their audience.

Their advice to affiliates is to build a community with a high level of engagement. Quality matters over quantity so customers trust you over the long term. A smaller, more active community converts better than broader, faceless tactics.

Want To Learn More?

To learn more about Moment’s program and signup for it, you can visit Or just Google “Moment Squad” and you should find their program just fine.