How Armando Ferreira doubled his commissions with Choice Pages

"Almost instantly, my affiliate revenue started skyrocketing."

With nearly half a million subscribers, Armando Ferreira creates filmmaking gear reviews and how-to’s on his popular YouTube channel, MondoBytes. And, like most full-time creators, he earns commissions when viewers purchase items through links on his videos.

Signing up with Geniuslink in 2017, Ferreira used Geniuslink for localizing his affiliate links, converting raw Amazon affiliate links into short links that that automatically captured commissions across Amazon’s international storefronts. But later, he noticed a new experimental feature in the Geniuslink dashboard called Choice Pages, aimed at letting viewers choose where they want to buy the linked products.

Choice Pages work like any other short link, but instead of taking visitors straight to Amazon, viewers land on a clean, simple page with multiple buying options chosen by the link creator.

At first, Ferreira was reluctant.

”Initially I was against the idea of Choice Pages. Then I thought it through and made the change. Almost instantly, my affiliate revenue started skyrocketing.”

If anything, you might expect Amazon sales to dilute as shoppers are given more options. But Ferreira's revenue increased across the board, with an astounding 160% boost to his Amazon commissions alone.

Ferreira believes it has something to do with how people approach purchases, and a small change he made to the wording on each Choice Page.

78% of shoppers say they like to compare prices from different stores or sources before making purchases.[1] It stands to reason that these shoppers feel much more confident about buying a product once they have a comfort level with the price. By giving viewers a ready-made list of buying options, it could be that the true superpower of Choice Pages is converting shoppers into confident buyers.

Ferreira customized some of the wording on his Choice Pages to emphasize this:

“In each Choice Page there is a title above the choices that says ‘Get it Now’. I changed that for my Choice Pages to say ‘Find the best deal below.’ I really believe that makes a huge difference in terms of encouraging people to shop.”

And, as evidenced with Ferreira’s audience, comparson shopping is likely even more important for higher-priced products. A shopper may feel less need to check prices on a pair of socks. But when it comes to a $500 camera accessory, a lot more money can be saved by looking around for a few minutes.

There are other reasons creators are seeing a boost from Choice Pages. While Amazon has (by far) the most buy-in from affiliate marketers and the largest product catalog, other affiliate programs have some attractive perks. For example, with the B&H program, the “cookie window” (time after click when a commission can be earned) lasts 60 hours instead of Amazon’s 24 hours. Other programs have much higher commissions. And some retailers just have better affinity with certain shoppers than Amazon.

Choice pages allow creators and marketers to take advantage of these other retailers and programs, without abandoning Amazon and its vast appeal with shoppers.

Ferreira is sold:

"Ever since using Choice Pages, my affiliate income has skyrocketed over 160%. There is no way I would not do a Choice Page."

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