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Maximize revenue by giving your shoppers freedom of choice, without cluttering your site or social media.
Included with every Geniuslink account.

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"Ever since using Choice Pages, my affiliate income has skyrocketed by over 2.6x. There is no way I would not do a Choice Page."

Armando Ferreira, Mondo Bytes

Beautiful choices.
Built in seconds.

Most of the content in a Choice Page is set for you automatically, based on the first Amazon link you add, or by typing a product name. Build a gorgeous landing page in seconds. No coding required.

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The "Choice Effect"
Multiplying your revenue.

Unlock your full earning potential

We did the math.

Working closely with some of our top clients, we split their traffic using A/B tests over two months and saw Choice Pages more than doubled the earnings per click on average compared to direct-to-Amazon links.

The biggest surprise? While our clients gained new revenue from the having more purchase options, they also significantly increased commissions from their Amazon links!

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Turn shoppers into confident buyers

"Don't extra clicks cause friction and reduce sales?" Not quite! Research shows 78% of shoppers say they like to do some comparison shopping before buying.[1] Choice Pages actually reduce this friction by giving your audience a head start, and the results speak for themselves.

The "Choice Effect" is about giving shoppers the choices they need, before they ask, launching them towards a successful purchase.

Amazon-optimized and localized

Amazon links on your Choice Pages will get the same industry-leading localization and affiliation we provide for all other geni.us links. We’ll boost your sales by making sure that international visitors are automatically taken to the correct product in their regional Amazon store. Even better, you will earn commissions from each international associates program connected to your account.

Embrace shopper preferences and avoid dead-ends

Everyone has a favorite platform where they enjoy music, books, movies, and games. Choice Pages make it easier for shoppers to buy the product that fits, and helps them avoid dead-ends like out-of-stock pages and errors.

Choice Pages also help you take advantage of affiliate programs with higher payouts and longer cookie windows than Amazon. And, as your visitors comparison shop, they will set your affiliate cookies across multiple stores.

A simpler affiliate life.
Just add links.

Choice Pages don't just help your audience. We created Choice Pages to save you time, simplify your life, and beautify your content.

Build your page in seconds with product suggestions

Just paste your Amazon link or type a product name. We'll recommend links to that same product in other stores, and you can select the ones you want included on your page. Finally – A practical multi-retailer affiliate solution for the rest of us.

Capture commissions across multiple stores automatically

Say goodbye to the tedious process of building special affiliate links for each retailer you work with. Once you connect your affiliate networks and programs to your Geniuslink account, just paste in a product link and we'll make sure it is perfectly formatted to earn your commissions.

Geniuslink has built-in, free support for most major retailers and supports tens of thousands more if you connect your Skimlinks or Sovrn Commerce account.

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Keep your content pretty

No more littering your content with multiple product URLs and "PAID LINK" disclosures. Choice Pages contain the affiliate disclosures by default, and you’ll only need to share one link. Save time, look better, and give your visitors a clearer path to purchase.

Build trust and reinforce your brand

Optionally place your own logo at the top of the page so your audience feels right at home.

Compliance built-in

Each Choice Page includes all necessary disclaimers and disclosures required by the FTC and programs like Amazon. And because each Choice Page constitutes its own landing page, Choice Page links can be safely used where standard affiliate links would be prohibited by Amazon Associates guidelines, such as in emails and printed material.

Customization made simple

Let us pick the images for your product and store buttons instantly, or upload your own. Customizing is a snap with our built-in auto-sizing cropping tool, theme picker, and sortable buttons.

Oh, and once you have found your "look", you can save all your style and logo settings as your new defaults for next time. Bada-boom.

"I've noticed customers want to be able to choose who they buy from, making Geniuslink's new Choice Pages highly lucrative. Choice Pages have easily increased my conversion rates and helped me diversify my income away from one source."

Andy Feliciotti - Founder, awesomestufftobuy.com