Amazon mobile deep linking:
Increase mobile shopping conversion rates

What is mobile deep linking?

Have you ever clicked an Amazon link inside a mobile app, only to be sent to a strange browser where you are logged out of the Amazon store? Every day, millions of visitors hit their back buttons in this situation, ending their shopping before it even started. Worse, when this happens, your Amazon Associates attribution can get lost in the shuffle.

With Geniuslink mobile deep linking, all your Amazon links will try to send each visitor directly to their Amazon app or default browser. Another shopper saved. Another sale made possible. And we make sure you get the commission every time.

Remove friction and boost your earnings

In A/B tests with our own links and those of our clients, we've seen these dramatic improvements from mobile deep linking:

  • 4.5x items shipped
  • 7.9x conversions
  • 5.7x shipped revenue
  • 4.8x earnings

How to get mobile deep linking

Every Amazon link you build in your Geniuslink account automatically includes our mobile deep linking capabilities. Try Geniuslink free today!

Combine with other Geniuslink superpowers

Localization: Earn from the whole world with one link

Amazon has over 20 international storefronts, each with their own local language, currency, taxes, and shipping. Amazon has spent billions of dollars building regional stores to provide international shoppers the optimal buying experience. At Geniuslink your Amazon links are automatically localized sending each shopper to their local Amazon storefront while ensuring that you collect affiliate earnings from each program. More about Geniuslink localization...

Choice Pages: Diversify and double your income

Drive more sales by helping your audience comparison-shop, all while diversifying and boosting your income. More...

Seller networks: Get 10x higher rates directly from Amazon sellers

Add sky-high revenue to your affiliate earnings by connecting seller networks to your Geniuslink account. Geniuslink allows you to take advantage of multiple seller networks on top of your Amazon Associates revenue, all amplified by Geniuslink localization, mobile deep linking, and Choice Pages. Levanta, Archer Affiliates, and MaverickX supported. More...