Amazon seller networks:
Boost earnings on the traffic you already send to Amazon

What are seller networks?

It pays to know about seller networks. For over a decade, creators and publishers have earned from the Amazon Associates program, receiving payments from Amazon for recommending products. Now, through new attribution features at Amazon and fast-growing third party seller networks, creators can earn directly from participating Amazon sellers.

Better yet, Amazon sellers typically pay out much higher rates than Amazon Associates and you can earn from seller networks on top of your Amazon Associates revenue.

Where does Geniuslink fit in?

When combined with Geniuslink, there is only upside to using seller networks. Geniuslink offers the easiest way to enable seller network revenue across your existing links and those you create in the future, without having to modify URLs. You can even combine the product catalogs of multiple seller networks such as Levanta, Archer Affiliates, and MaverickX.

Sky-high commissions

With seller networks and Geniuslink, you can add to the Amazon Associates revenue you are already earning. Plus, sellers typically offer commissions many times higher than Amazon Associates. For example, the average bonus commission granted on the seller network Levanta is 18.5%. Depending on the Amazon Associates category, this could mean a 2x-17x increase in commissions earned. Additionally, seller network track clicks on a 14-day "cookie window", compared to Amazon Associates' 1-day cookie window. This alone can dramatically improve the number of Amazon sales you drive.

No risk: Add to your Amazon Associates earnings

Amazon Associates and Amazon Attribution parameters are compatible, allowing you to earn from both progams simultaneously. With Geniuslink, there is nothing to lose by adding support for seller networks to your Amazon links. If this policy changes in the future, we will ensure you have control over how each link is monetized so you are earning the most from each click.

How to get started

Start any time by creating a Geniuslink account and a free account with one or more of our supported seller networks. Then, just choose your seller network(s) in the Affiliate settings inside your Geniuslink account. More...

Once set up, Geniuslink will automatically detect when you are sharing a link supported by a seller network and monetize it in the optimal way. No need to hunt down special links or mess with parameters. With Geniuslink, you can focus less on your monetization, and more on your content. Try Geniuslink free today!

Combine with other Geniuslink superpowers

Localization: Earn from the whole world with one link

Amazon has over 20 international storefronts, each with their own local language, currency, taxes, and shipping. Amazon has spent billions of dollars building regional stores to provide international shoppers the optimal buying experience. At Geniuslink your Amazon links are automatically localized sending each shopper to their local Amazon storefront while ensuring that you collect affiliate earnings from each program. More about Geniuslink localization...

Mobile deep linking

Multiply your earnings by ensuring that your Amazon links take mobile shoppers to their Amazon app or native browser whenever possible. More...

Choice Pages: Diversify and double your income

Drive more sales by helping your audience comparison-shop, all while diversifying and boosting your income. More...