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A Alternative That Lets You Earn More Revenue From Your Affiliate Links

Geniuslink allows creators to create intelligent short links with inbuilt analytics. Maximize your links revenue with localization, mobile deep linking, seller networks, and so much more.

Why creators are switching to Geniuslink


Geniuslink automatically send buyers to the best store and product for their country, all while retaining affiliate parameters.

Choice Pages

Geniuslink generates “Choice Pages” allowing consumers to price check and pick their store of choice. We’ve also found this to more than double affiliate commissions.

Unlimited historical data

All Geniuslink plans include lifetime historical data. only stores 30 days of data on its cheapest plan, up to one year on its most expensive.

Affordable mobile deep links

Dramatically boost earnings by sending mobile users directly to the Amazon app.

Custom Domains

Geniuslink allows users to utilize custom domain names for their short links, no matter the plan they’re signed up for.

Link health monitoring

Get alerts when an Amazon link breaks or the product goes out of stock.

Retargeting pixels

Retarget visitors going to any destination – even sites you don’t manage. Supports Facebook, Google Adwords, and more.

Dynamic destinations

Boost conversions by routing visitors based on their language, device, operating system, country, and even time-of-click.

A/B testing

Automatically route a percentage of your clicks to different destinations for the same audience segment. Compare landing page and storefront performance.

Geniuslink is preferred by these brands & many more

First of all I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful experience – it’s always a pleasure working with your services. I switched from Bitly to Geniuslink and I have zero regrets. To be honest, I’m not really – how to say? tech savvy? – so your interface has always attracted me. It’s simple to use and is really user-friendly. So keep going! I’m your faithful follower, hah.


Owner of GrillGuru

After 11 days, it’s glaringly obvious to me that Geniuslink is awesome. I can’t believe how many Amazon affiliate sales I missed out on because their One Link technology flat out sucks even after I spent hours trying to make it work. I’ve seen about 50 times more clicks and approximately 100% more in sales so far.

TB Thompson

Sincerely thank you for making such an easy to use tool. Just saw my first notification of something being out of stock today. Fixed it immediately!

Kyle Taggart


Ever since using Choice Pages, my affiliate income has skyrocketed by over 2.6x. There is no way I would not do a Choice Page.

Armando Ferreira


Video Comparison

Geniuslink vs. Bitly

Geniuslink and Bitly are both top link management platforms, but how do you know which is best for you? This video aims to answer the question as objectively as possible.

Pricing$6/m, for 2000 clicks, $2.5 per every 1000 clicks$8-$200/m – Unlimited clicks
Free trialYesFree plan only
Historical DataUnlimitedLimited by plan
LocalizationAll plansNone
Mobile Deep LinkingAll plansOnly on Enterprise plans
Automatic AffiliationAll plansNone
Affiliate Link HealthAll plansNone
Custom DomainsYes, $50/mOnly on Growth plan
Choice PagesAll plansNone
Device and Location DataAll plansOnly Premium plans
Try Geniuslink Free for 14 DaysTry

Comparing Geniuslink vs. Bitly



$6/m, for 2000 clicks, $2.5 per 1000 clicks

$8-$200/m – Unlimited clicks

Free trial


Free plan only

Historical Data


Limited by plan


All plans


Mobile Deep Linking

All plans

Only on Enterprise plans

Automatic Affiliation

All plans


Affiliate Link Health

All plans


Custom Domains

Yes, $50/m

Only on Growth plan

Choice Pages

All plans


Device and Location Data

All plans

Only Premium plans

Frequently Asked Questions

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Genius Link falls completely in-line with Amazon’s Operating Agreement, and we work hard with their team to ensure our users get the best experience possible with both services.

If you’re interested in moving your existing links to a Geniuslink account, please reach out to our support team at, and we can assist you.