Geniuslink: The Smartest Universal Book Links On the Market

Geniuslink allows authors to create intelligent book links that boost international sales, increase click through rates, and provide valuable analytics.

Why Authors Trust Geniuslink With Their Universal Book Links


Geniuslink automatically adjusts your Amazon links to direct readers to their local storefronts, simplifying the purchase process in different countries.

Wide Support

Geniuslink “Choice Pages” allow authors to generate responsive landing pages displaying all stores their book is available, boosting sales conversion rates. 

Cleaner Marketing Copy

Universal book links streamline marketing copy by consolidating multiple regional store links into one concise link, reducing visual clutter and enhancing focus. 

Actionable Insights

Geniuslink provides authors with detailed analytics on their book marketing efforts, including data on link clicks, referrer sources, and geographical distribution of traffic helping authors optimize their promotional strategies.

Readable, Trusted Links

Geniuslink allows for the creation of customizable, branded links that are shorter, simpler, and more trustworthy, improving click-through rates. 

Future-Proof Links

Geniuslink universal book links future-proof your links against link rot. By using Geniuslink, authors can wrap their book links in a custom URL that can be edited at any time, eliminating the need to update multiple URLs across various platforms. 

Universal Direct Book Review Links

Geniuslink custom link destinations allows authors to create universal direct book review links. When promoted to readers, they’ll be taken to the “Leave a Review” page on their international Amazon Storefront automatically.

Earn Affiliate Commissions

Unlike most universal book link providers, Geniuslink gives you full control over your book store links, allowing you to insert your own affiliate tracking links, boosting your share of the royalties.

Pixel Retargeting

Geniuslink supports retargeting pixels to any destination, allowing authors to retarget their ads on platforms like Facebook and Google Adwords. 

Geniuslink is preferred by these authors and many more

“My book recommendations newsletter and articles have always had an international audience but it took too much time or was too hard to make custom links for each one. Geniuslink basically fixes all that for me, increases conversions and helps me spread the word about books I love.”

Author Ryan Holiday

Video Guide

7 Reasons Why All Authors Need Universal Book Links

Austin teaches authors about universal book links and why they’re essential for every author. Austin will offer practical guidance on where authors can integrate universal book links, such as on their websites, social media profiles, email newsletters, book back matter, advertisements, and link-in-bio tools.

Comparing Geniuslink vs. Other Universal Book Links



$6/m, for 2000 clicks, $2.5 per 1000 clicks

Free trial

14 Day Trial

Historical Data



All plans


Mobile Deep Linking

All plans

Automatic Affiliation

All plans

Affiliate Link Health

All plans

Custom Domains

Yes, $50/m

Choice Pages

All plans

Device and Location Data

All plans

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our most commonly asked questions below to find the information you need.

Geniuslink falls completely in-line with Amazon’s Operating Agreement, and we work hard with their team to ensure our users get the best experience possible with both services.

Geniuslink starts at $6/m for up to 2000 clicks. For every group of 1,000 clicks after that, there will be an additional $2.50 charge. Many authors find that the perks of Geniuslink’s intelligent universal book links to far recuperate the small cost of the service.

Global brands like Amazon and Apple have separate online storefronts optimized for different regions, handling various languages, currencies, and taxes. Amazon, for instance, has over 20 independent storefronts but doesn’t automatically direct users to their local versions. This lack of geo-targeting can frustrate international customers and hurt sales. Geniuslink helps authors create localized links that automatically direct users to their local storefronts. This ensures international visitors are sent to the appropriate regional Amazon site, such as for Australians or for Germans, facilitating easier purchases and better shipping options.