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Amazon Belgium ( Launches with Affiliate Program

Update 12/20/22: We have received PA API access for, which means that we will now automatically localize and affiliate any Amazon links to or from the Amazon Belgium storefront! See below for more details.

It has been just over a year since we last saw a new Amazon storefront released into the wild. The last storefront to be introduced was Amazon Egypt back in September of 2021,  which was preceded by Poland in March of 2021. 

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Meet Alejandro – One of the Newest Additions to Our Team

I finally made it! Working for a company like Geniuslink has been a dream of mine for a few years now. I couldn’t be more excited to begin my new journey. Having grown up overseas and worked in several different roles, from military member to entrepreneur to a business advisor, I feel I have a great deal to bring to this role, as well as, a wealth of knowledge to learn.

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The Best Niche Research Tools for Affiliate Marketers in 2022

What is niche research and why is it important

Today, let’s talk about some great tools you can use to refine your fit within a particular niche.

For this article, we’re going to assume you’ve already found a niche, that way we can focus the article on improving your ability to market within that niche. We’ve written previously about why and how to find a niche, if you want to start with a primer. Check out our thoughts on 50 niche site ideas, or how to find a niche within the Amazon Affiliates program.

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Meet Ezra – One of the Newest Addition to Our Team

Hello everyone, I’m proud to say I am one of the newest additions to the Geniuslink team! I just recently finished up my degree in Marketing at the University of Montana where I was blessed to learn the skills and meet the people that have helped put me in a position to join this great company. Here is a little peak into my life before Geniuslink:

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Universal Prime Day Links

(Updated July, 2022)

Exciting news — Prime Day 2022 is happening July 12th/13th and is going for 48 hours again this year with some early deals already showing up. Once again Amazon is pulling out all of the stops with hundreds of thousands of deals for its Prime members. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity and prep beforehand.

And the best part?  It’s a global event and that’s where you can shine with our service because Geniuslink is also pulling out all of the stops to help make this one the most successful yet!